Being mindful

Meditation is a way to improve one’s mind and to keep it with positive and good things in the mind. Everyone has their own way of taking that time and thinking about nothing. The way I take my mindfulness practice is more on the spiritual side, like, listening to worship music and just taking the time to not think about the world or what is going on in my life. I take 10 minutes of my day and meditate on the music and what the lyrics are saying. With so much stress in the new college life , this practice has helped me just take it day by day and not overwhelm myself with assignments, friendships, and life. Overthinking and pushing away all my responsibilities leads to my procrastination and high stress levels, which is healthy for myself to have me time so I keep my mind opened and not clustered with thoughts. Not taking care of your mind can lead to mental health and more in depth thinking which can be depression, anxiety, and distress. 

Getting the world to be on the same page on sustainability is something not realistic and complicated. The reasons being the different values, cultures, and norms, getting everyone to do the best for the Earth and its environment. Globalization was viewed positively in the “Yes” article I was assigned to read, which identified free open markets, property rights and rule of law. This could give a great impact to the economy and motivation to create better alternatives and really invest on the environment in the best ways. During my discussion with my breakroom, we discussed and sided with both the “yes” and “no” articles on certain reasonings. I wish I had spoken up more, but I was confused about it and not quite understanding what the author was saying, but the discussion helped a lot to see the meaning of it. It’s hard for the world really to have the same motivations on the right choices for the Earth because each economy or country has its own differences and motivations. Although I do think globalization does have a negative side to it, it is also a risk we can take to make the Earth sustainable and not regret it later for future generations. 

Being more mindful of what the Earth is asking for is essential to being sustainable and not having the Earth fail as a whole. What I  took away from this week is how much we need to not only give up but put in consideration for a healthy economy and collective world. In fact, it’s hard to commit to one theory especially since we don’t know what the outcome will be,but it’s that risk we have to take. Our planet has been going through a wicked problem; numerous scientists and other educated people have tried to find a theory. So far in this course I have been able to open my mind and have been mindful about our planet and its challenges.

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