COVID, Globalization, and Meditation

These past couple of weeks I have unfortunately been dealing with COVID. I have not been very lucky, and I have had to deal with almost every possible symptom besides my loss of taste and smell. Some days it was very difficult to get out of bed or even wake up because I was so exhausted. Due to my inability to stay awake for more than an hour, I was not in class this week and I did not get to participate in the discussion. I was very upset when I woke up at eight in the evening and realized I had missed class. However, I did participate in the reading the YES article from this week and I honestly had a very conflicting view with my opinion on it. Some things I read I felt I agreed with, then when I would keep reading I would start to disagree. This confusion made me wish I could have read the NO article to compare and truly decide my take on the topic. Even without reading both though, overall I think I disagree with the point made in the article that globalization can create sustainability. I feel that with more trading of technology and other resources will actually cause more sustainability issues in the long run. For example, we have discussed in class how the industrial revolution and creation of new technologies has improved how we live but in reality has been detrimental to WHERE we live. This being said, with globalization we can only be making the problem worse for the environment. I wish I would have gotten the chance to discuss with my classmates so I could have heard different opinions and also views from my peers that read the NO article. Based off the slides about paradigms talked about in class, I think I definitely am on the “No” side of the debate. My major takeaways from this past week’s topic are that I feel globalization and sustainability should not be in the same sentence as they do not directly correlate to one another. In fact, globalization, in a way, contradicts sustainability. I do not think globalization can be compatible with sustainability.

For my mindfulness practice this week I chose to meditate. Throughout high school I used to meditate pretty often then for some reason when I got to college I stopped because I was overwhelmed with anxiety and stress. Which that is the irony because that is the best time to meditate, I just sort of forgot about it. For this reason, I am so glad we are doing mindfulness practice in this class because it has gotten me back into my meditation. During this week when I was feeling up to it and when I found the time I would try to meditate. It was difficult for me at first because it was hard not to focus on my pain. However, as my week continued, and I practiced a little more I found so much peace in meditation. It calmed my spirit, allowed me to not think about my stress, and relieved my stress and pain allowing me to have a clear mind. I’m excited to continue this practice because I have found it to be the best way to ease my constant anxiety.

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