Globalization and Sustainability Are Not Each Other’s Cup of Tea

This week, we embarked on our journey through the topic of globalization through paradigms. Globalization is the process of interaction among people, companies, and governments throughout the world. With the exploration of this topic, we had to ask ourselves a question. “Are globalization and sustainability compatible?” As you could recall, sustainability was our topic of conversation last week. We were all given articles to read this week. Half of the class was given an article that argued that sustainability and globalization were compatible, and the other half was given an article that argued the latter opinion. I received the reading that supported the thought that the two ideas are not compatible. I was relieved when I saw this, because I already agreed with the argument. I was happy that I didn’t have to defend a position that I didn’t agree with! Reading the article gave me many ways to back up my position with facts and evidence and made defending my stance easy. I learned that consumerism, business, and advertising were huge factors that contribute to the negative aspect of consumerism. We can also contribute this to the Dominant Social Paradigm, which basically states the belief that humans are of the utmost importance on this earth and that all resources are to be used to our benefit. My initial reaction to this definition was; “Wow, how selfish?” Are the people that think this not aware that it is our fault as a selfish human race that we have diminishing resources and quality of life? As industries and certain concepts grow bigger and bigger, the harder it is to maintain harmony with sustainability.

In the article I read, the author did list off some ways that we could curb the desolation of our resources and attempt to make globalization and sustainability harmonious again. One of the methods they listed was for humans to share more things. To share transportation, such as riding buses and trains and emit less fuels. Another was to share gardens with neighbors for food. Although these are excellent ideas that we could be practicing more, it is honestly just not that plausible. Like I mentioned earlier, humans are way too self-serving for that. Personally, I do not think that we could ever achieve something like that.

This week, we also learned about mindfulness. This is the practice of being mentally aware of yourself, and your thoughts. We were asked to practice five minutes of mindfulness a day this week. Being completely transparent, I did not do it every day, but I did remember to do it a few times. Who would’ve thought that it would be so difficult to stop and intentionally relax for five minutes a day? I do not practice meditation, but I am a Christian so I do pray daily (or at least I strive to.) I did not focus on myself while praying, but focused on the reason that I can be at peace and rest before or after a busy day. Doing this is so beneficial and I think is a huge part of being at peace with your surroundings, circumstances, self, and thoughts. I will absolutely be continuing this!

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