Globalization & Mindfulness

In discussing within the class the points that I brought to the group was mainly focused on helping those who read the no portion, understand how the author explained globalization and free markets to show how it creates incentives for the community. I feel to fully understand and be helpful to the learning community one should be able to read both articles with the mindset to be open to listening both sides and evaluate how they feel about the situation and make a decision based on the facts. One thing I should have brought and discussed in our breakout groups or in the class as a whole, would have been how the sustainable non globalized argument had a surface level parallel in the pro globalization argument, being the well being/best stance for individuals. Even though the both seemed to have a well being message, I only read the yes article but the way it was worded was more focused how much each individual was “well off” by how globalization and the free market are the best for each person to make the most money. Money does not equal the well being of each individual or guarantee that each person would produce in a sustainable way if they were to theoretically join the market and sell what they do best.That point alone helped me reconsider the sides and end up leaning more towards the No side even though I did not share or explain the reasoning fully. What I have taken away from the most recent topics is to be more aware or situations going on around me and how I may be able to help those people more, and to understand that not all problems are something I can fix. Also to think fluidly when it comes to situations like globalization because there are some themes and ideas that crossover but may not be handled similarly, so I should be open to opinions on the subject and to listen to understand why someone would argue a certain point. Laws and regulations could potentially be a way to make companies comply and conform to be sustainable and be helpful to the environment, but what I see happening is that those companies would try to fight back saying it infringes on their rights or finding a loophole to go around the regulations by putting work offshore where they could either continue production how they are or change but their production but still pollute in the places that they moved the factories too. In regards to the mindfulness practice that we have been doing in the past week it has helped me focus a bit more helping me work towards being on time with stuff that I have scheduled. It has been a bit off trying to keep the practice on a consistent time due to some of my meetings and travel to and from campus but it has helped me to for some ideas and habits that will be helpful in the future, and I have tried getting my family to practice mindfulness.

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