It’s The World Ending For Me

This week in class we discussed the readings that we were assigned, I got the no article as well as one other person in my group and the other two read the yes article. When reading the article I didn’t really understand what it was talking about at first and had to reread some sections of the article. I began to realize what the author was getting at and how they wanted to change things to ensure that we have a sustainable future. I was also able to understand it the more we talked about it in class and made me realize I didn’t know everything about the topic and there’s more wicked problems that aren’t talked about as much. When people started talking about how people actually have to see what’s happening in order to start making changes I agreed with that. In my group each of us talked about what we read to let the others know what the author was talking about. I mentioned that in the “no point of view” the author was talking about people being disconnected from nature and the way to change that would be to change the world’s system. In order for the world’s system to change is to change the social paradigm. This would be hard because everyone has their set beliefs and values. Some may participate in this, but a lot of people aren’t going to change everything in their life. I mentioned that small changes can be made, but bigger changes will be harder to make. It seemed the author wanted to take extreme measures, which may not seem extreme to others, but some things are more difficult to change. They talked about the limit of food per house and the limitation of riding in cars. It could work for some people, but it’s not going to work for everyone so it could be unreasonable. There are different ways to limit waste and help the environment, but you can’t do it all at once. All of us agreed with each other on the questions that we had to answer in my break out room.We all mentioned similar things and related to each other’s answers. I didn’t really have anything I wanted to mention in class because I think I said everything I wanted to in the breakout room. 

Another thing we did at the beginning of class was mindfulness which we were supposed to be doing outside of class as well. There’s different ways you can do this, but for mine I meditated each day. I have mediated before in other classes and had to go to an activity for one of my classes so this wasn’t completely new to me. It is relaxing, but it is not something I do regularly just because I don’t think about it much. It was a good thing to do in class though and helped you take your mind off of things while still in class. Mindfulness is important to use everyday and can help you with stress.

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