Refocus On Yourself, Refocus On Us

Contribution to the learning community is very important as a class to understand the subject more. We are giving our own insight and personality to our weekly discussions and I find it important that we are doing jus that. I have contributed my part by typing my opinions of what I read from last week’s assignment on our class’s whiteboard. From last week’s topic we had a “No or Yes” kind of topic about how globalization and sustainability can co-exist. I was one of the people who had the “No” article and I believe no one in the discussion had it as well. So it was nice for me to introduce my topic and stance and why I said no. Explaining it and everyone came to their consensus that globalization and sustainability cannot co-exist, it was surprising to me how we discussed it well and decided that me explaining it would get them to agree with me. I wish I get to read and see other arguments; I wish we could share more in-depth argument regarding the article. But I understand there is a time limit and we need to have a brief discussion over it.

Last week topic was something I was actively discussing and generally curious about. We talked about how consumerism effects how we perceived luxury items and how it is toxic to the environment and how we perceived things. The article provides historical context and why consumerism rose and the impact about how dominant globalization and marketing is. Major takeaways from last week is the impact of marketing and consumerism and how we think of individualism rather than communalism. The article really polished and define what we were talking about from the 11th Hour and the cause of it. It is interesting to see two parts of the article about Yes or No on how sustainable globalization can be. And hearing the two points really made us understand both side of the argument.

The mindfulness practice was something I believe that no classes have ever done for me at OSU. We are in an environment where we come and sit through lecture and leave feeling more stressed or bored of the class. We never came in the class feeling we have time to relax and restart before we start a new lesson. From personal experience I do a lot of breathing exercises, my mom really got me into this form of yoga where breathing practices reset your mood and allow you to feel better and more open minded. Doing this 5-minute exercises has allowed me to be less stress, allow me to breath better, clear my mind, and allow me to refocus on what I need to do. In this short span it allows me to be more productive and happier. I believe breathing exercises are one of the most underrated and underused practice. How often we go in our day, it is nice to take a break and have a moment with ourselves and slow things down a bit.

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