The Parallels of Paradigms

I have heard the word “paradigm” before, but I honestly did not know what it meant. After this week, I definitely have a deeper understanding of this topic. Paradigms and mindfulness have been an important lesson. These are things that we are using and dealing with all of the time without even realizing it. The past two weeks have been a perfect time for me to focus on mindfulness. I have been super stressed about life in general, but having a better mindset helps tremendously. I downloaded the Calm app and tried to use it when I felt overwhelmed. It truly makes a huge difference when you are taking time to reflect. I think we can all admit that we are given assignments in school that feel like a waste of time. But taking time to consider our mindfulness is certainly the opposite. As students, we get very busy and sometimes forget that taking care of ourselves should be a top priority.  

We also had a very interesting reading this week. We have talked about the unfortunate state our climate and environment are in before. This text helped me see more flaws that we humans have while battling this environmental crisis. I was reading the NO text. While in my group, we came to a pretty quick agreement that globalization was not idea for sustainability. One of the main concerns we had was the fact that people are very unreliable. There is not one perfect solution for the problems we are facing. There is no way you could tell everyone around the planet one plan and expect everyone to agree/comply. Clearly, the crisis our planet is going through is a wicked problem.  As I reflect back on this week’s class, I wish I would have added more to our discussion and thrown out more ideas. Our class has some wonderful students who always add a lot of insightful additions during our discussions. I know I can do better at speaking up and adding on as well.  

All of our topics work hand in hand. We must be mindful and consider paradigms when approaching all sorts of problems. Wicked problems have a lot going on, kind of like us. There are so many factors going on even when you do not quite realize they are there. We talked about an iceberg and how there is only a little bit you can see from the surface. Underneath, there is way more than you would assume in the first place. Not only are most problems set up this way, but every human on this planet is as well. You can never quite know what is truly going on with someone. That is why you must go deep under the surface before you can really make a difference. This is a very versatile strategy for approaching wicked problems (and any problem in general). You must consider all of the obstacles and unknown challenges you will face. In the end, we are all in this together. We have to work as one to fight against our problems. Nobody is alone. 

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