Starting this week off I had little to none knowledge what a paradigm was. I was assigned the “no” article but i found myself agreeing with the “yes” article after talking about it with my fellow classmates. The article I read was about how globalization is not compatible with sustainability. Although the author made several good points, I did not completely agree with the argument. I really enjoyed reading and hearing other classmates opinions on  this article. For the “no” side of the argument was to save the planet was to have a complete cultural change. I don’t agree with this partially because I don’t believe we could get everyone to change all at once  from the way they were brought up. This strategy would take forever to work, or have any change at all. I don’t think forcing a new life on everyone would go over well, people would likely refuse it. The way the writer explains the new life almost seemed out of this world and fake. After listening to others that had read the “yes” article, my group agreed on that the “yes” article was more realistic and a better way of life. We agreed that globalization is compatible with sustainability if there is a free market. I also agree with a lot of things that were said in the larger discussion. For example, I agreed that it is going to take some fear and maybe even some financial giving for sustainability and saving Earth. Today people don’t take action until there is enough fear for something bad to happen. Some examples would be things like the wildfires or Covid-19. 

Another thing that I have been enjoying over the past couple of weeks is mindfulness. Before this class I have never been one for meditation. But after exploring more into mindfulness and meditation, I have grown more comfortable with the idea. I enjoy learning about mindfulness, things like emptying the mind. Through the process, letting thoughts come to your mind and welcoming them has been something I have struggled with. I am a very anxious person so accepting some thoughts are very stressful and not comforting. Although, this being, I appreciate the idea of mindfulness and letting your thoughts in whether good or bad. Some things that stuck with me and I have been practicing is focusing on your breathing and opening your mind up to things around you. With this being said, I have been trying my best to practice mindfulness over the past couple of weeks. I have been trying to open my mind, focus on my breathing, and letting all thoughts in -good or bad- before bed each night. I’ve had some good experiences but also some not so good. The reason being because I have been very stressed and have not had a good mental space. But I believe practicing mindfulness is helping with the bad by helping me cleanse my mind and letting good thoughts flow through. All in all, I enjoy learning more about mindfulness and am going to continue to practice it. 

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