Anything is Valuable

For the past two weeks, I have been learning a lot about how the industry impacts and under consumers. I had the chance to read two articles, one about the fashion and its sustainability, and another about people in poverty and how they possibly affect the environment degradation. Beginning with the fashion article (after reading) I shared my thoughts on the article (with my discussion group) which was that sustainability is more than just a physical task. We must all learn to stop being so fast when it comes to fashion. I didn’t get the chance to express a factor that most fashions are recycled, meaning that items in now will once again be in later. Luckily, during class I had classmates express the fact that they hold tight to many of many items (old trendy clothes especially) because they are aware of the ongoing cycle. With all that said, the key takes away for me is that I need to value my items. I need to obtain the mindset that what is out is really in. This will help me become more sustainable in the future.

Moving on to the second article I also expressed my thoughts on people living in poverty, and whether they do affect the environment degradation; I concluded with no. In my discussion group, I was able to hear every bodies opinion based on the article they read and self-thought, and they made me look at the situation in a different limelight. While sharing, I contributed by talking about the overall goal of the economy which is supposedly sustainability, however, a key participates in this movement (the government) are not doing a good job trying to achieve it. I feel that those in poverty are thrown into unhealthy situations (financially, environmentally, etc.) forcing them to seek unsustainable practices as a way for survival. The government knowing this, acts very little on the situation which affects our economic growth. That said, my takeaway personally is that I should be more of a giver to those in need. There are people out there who are struggling and don’t get the support system they need to elevate to economic standards of sustainability. Of course, I can only do so much, but a little goes a long way.

Finally, during the past two weeks, I was able to practice more mindfulness in which helps me calm down from the pressure of school. During these mindfulness practices, I was able to once again tap into my to-do lists and organize them accordingly. I was also able to seek rest when I was done, and simply relax. Last week was very overwhelming for me, so having that Zen moment defiantly gave me a break from reality. Adding this week’s mindfulness was very special because I was able to color a mandala which was amazing. I am a big fan of artistic activities because I am a very creative individual so toning into my thoughts and coloring a mandala based on the colors I felt and viewed mentally really was a great activity and will more than likely do again.

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