Problems In Design

In my group the past two weeks we have had really deep conversations about Wicked problems in the fashion and interior design industries. Everyone had good points and different ways of looking at the problem. In the fashion and sustainability reading I learn the author defines the term fashion as which is current. The term fashion is commonly used to define clothing but can also define customs, mannerisms, music and styles of products and material Goods. The author went on to talk about how fashion implies change and that if something is in fashion it soon will no longer be. As designers it is important to have the mindset of long-lasting products and encourage durability throughout the Fashion World.  if long lasting products were encouraged, more sustainable practices would develop in the fashion industry. In the reading I was introduced to the idea of designing for humility. Designing with humility is to assume that whatever we designed for today will not be appropriate in the future. This practice places as little burden on the planet as possible to promote healthy and improved work. To embrace economic viability there has to be a balanced approach . Another term that stuck out to me was designer excellence which is the idea that designers are challenged to balance and integrate creative ways to combat issues of sustainability in design excellence designers have to learn to use the less what is rare and more of what is readily available to have a lesser impact on the ecosystem. Products produced with more sustainable paradigms will of course be different from what we are used to but it is the only way to start to reverse the effect on the environment. 

For the reading  in taking sides clashing views in sustainability I read the yes author’s  article. The article addresses the integrational equity to which the party is currently related to the current state of globalization in the article the author argued that poverty and the poor are responsible for global environmental  degradation. Enabling the poor to gain control over the resources and to capture a large portion of the central revenue will better develop the system’s marketing and payment for environmental services. This would better the current state of globalization by remaining very close to somewhat market based growth variation of industrialization. The article also focused on the role of the poor and how it is much harder for them than urban poor. New jobs will be created in urban areas and not rule.  In rural areas once the natural resources run out the rule poor must move to different locations in order to continue making money off of natural resources. In the group discussion over If corporations should invest in the world poor of the way to reduce environmental degradation my group argued they shouldn’t.  Our argument for this is that it is in the corporation’s DNA to make money. Telling a corporation that they should invest in the world portal to produce their environmental impact does not mean that they will do that. There has to be a middle man to regulate and police what the corporations do and set a standard  so corporations cannot make an already bad situation worse.

Over the past two weeks I have continued with my mindfulness practice every evening. I found that each day it gets easier to push everything out of my mind and focus on what is around me. Over the past couple of weeks I feel that it is easier for me to focus and my stress levels have been reduced greatly . Even after this class ends I feel that I will probably continue with the mindfulness practice everyday. 

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