Corporate Greed vs. Poverty

We all know that the waste we create damages the environment. However, we hardly ever think about it. I bet that almost anyone you ask would say that recycling is good and that we need to reduce the amount of waste that litters the earth ecosystems. However, the number of people in that group that would be able to say they actually actively do something to fix that would be quite low.

In our weekly reading, it discussed an interesting topic that I had never really considered. It talked about how poverty was a leading cause in the degradation of the environment. People with lower incomes and impoverished areas rely more on the land’s resources. They rely almost completely on agriculture, mining, forestry, etc. One of the things that I discussed in my group was how the reason that poor people rely on the resources of the land to make money and survive is because they do not have access to the things that they need. Now that seems like a reiteration of what it means to be poor. However, it means more that being poor isn’t really a choice. It isn’t something that they can just escape. While they don’t have the resources they need, they also don’t have access to any ways to better the situation or draw themselves out of the cycle. Poverty is not just about lacking items, it is about lacking a place to go to get out of poverty.

In the YES side of the reading, it talked about how the cycle of poverty would continue to degrade and hurt the environment, that we need solutions put in place to help end this cycle and in turn help the environment. In our class discussion we talked about whether or not corporations should intervene and help assist the poor. My group decided on yes, because they have plenty of money and resources that should not be kept to themselves rather spread out to the people who need it, creating environmental stability. However, one thing that came to my mind was the greed of big corporations. People who are in charge of corporations and have great wealth only want more and more. The first thing on most of their minds isn’t helping people, let alone the poor. So, most likely, this system would not work out because the odds of them agreeing to give portions of their resources and money away is unlikely. 

One thing that I have been enjoying this week is the mindfulness activities I have done. We were challenged to up our mindfulness practice time to 10 minutes a day rather than 5, so each day before bed, I would find a 10 minute meditation to do as relaxation and to clear my mind before I slept. Another thing that I have started up again is mindfulness journaling. I used to journal everyday, but as I got busy I stopped. This class however has got me back into doing it again so that I can connect with my thoughts and get them out on paper so that they aren’t filling my mind as I am trying to sleep. 

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