Making the change

My mindfulness practice this week has been super not where I’ve been wanting it to go. I have not been able to meditate and take that time to just not think about anything and remind myself to take that time. I worked on a graphics project which consumed most of my time throughout this week and last week. Especially during that time I wish I had taken time to just listen to my worship music playlist and just meditate on everything and release my stress. On Tuesday when we had a class I was reminded to take that time and which I did the day after I finished my project and was able to finally breathe and not be so consumed with that class. Taking those 10 minutes to just calm myself are very essential especially if I want to give my best performance in every class and be the best version of myself everyday. 

The past two classes we have been discussing about sustainability in fashion and poverty. It was interesting talking about this in my breakout rooms and seeing how people see each thing. Learning how most clothing businesses don’t really take in consideration how fast fashion affects the planet and its environment is insane. Not just in the clothing industry but in any other idea, for example, “ fashion trends” can be discussed as how when one new thing is innovated and the other old model isn’t the best quality anymore, it causes people to buy the new product. Even though it benefits them economically by selling more it doesn’t environmentally.

The topic over poverty is still such an ongoing issue and an issue that is an endless cycle of negative outcomes. Rural and urban areas deal with poverty differently since each location has different kinds of resources they lack. The struggle of trying to figure out if there will be enough for the upcoming generations is a question that is asked numerous times. Poverty is such a huge issue that is going on in most countries. It’s hard to know where to start and how to solve it with such a huge population of people. Each type of community has to deal with this globalized issue that it can take a very long time for everyone to be on the same page to actually better the community. 

I have reflected a lot on these two topics on how I can make a difference in these areas. Looking into the products I purchase is somewhere I can start actually taking the time to look into how they make the clothes and how it is benefiting the planet is key. Educating myself on knowing it is good for the planet and also benefiting it, is something I think everyone struggles with. Thinking about poverty I questioned a lot on how we got to the point where our planet is at and what can really fix the issue. Being on this planet and seeing its beautiful views and aspects should really motive everyone to be on the same page and do something about the things hurting it.

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