Thinking in my Life

I had hoped that this week, I would be out of this mood slump that I’ve been in but I haven’t really reached the end of it. Of course I am aware that things will get better but for now, I’m doing okay, I realize how much we affect others in our community and even if we don’t realize it, how we use and dispose of resources and waste has a domino effect that starts after we remove it from out home.

While finding resources for our first out of class assignment I had known that sweatshops were a thing and that when clothes are disposed of, they most likely end up in a landfill or on some other shore. Yet even though I knew this was happening, I didn’t put much thought into my daily life and even still I don’t put as much thought into it today. I found two intriguing articles that talked about sweatshops and its affect on the economy and how waste is moved to somewhere else. Overall, they were very impactful, and I wish shifting to a better and more sustainable lifestyle was easier and more available to do. With me trying to recycle boxes and throw away trash but no where near my dorm does it allow me to dispose of cans and bottles properly.  Reading those two articles makes me want to be more resourceful and more environmentally friendly but I’m stuck in the mindset of “I’m just one person, what could I possibly change”.

Another thing that brought more attention to me was talking about the poor and how they possibly effect the environment but even after reading those articles, I believe that the poor don’t have a lot of control over their waste because they don’t have access to options that allow more recycling in their areas and for rural poor, they live off of what they make and when they run out of resources or lose those resources, they’re stuck and can’t really do much. Big corporations make a lot of money and most of those big corporations poor waste or chemicals from their factories into nature. I feel like instead of fully saying “ the poor are directly connected to the environment failing”, it should be “big corporations are obviously more at fault because most are greedy and unwilling to change even though they have the ability to”.

I’m excited to work on this infographic because I think it will help me realize more about waste in the fashion industry and how certain solutions are possible but reaching those solutions is a different story. These articles that we’ve been reading have been eye-opening and allowed me to realize how much we rely on the fashion industry and how much that hurts our environment as well. And I feel bad exposing myself but I haven’t kept up with my mindfulness practices. If being mindful was taking my mind off and playing Animal Crossing or watching videos mindlessly just to have some noise in my room then I’ve definitely been doing those practices but as far as meditation and letting ideas pass and just sitting and breathing, I’ve failed.

With this class slowly wrapping up and this semester speeding by, I can’t help but worry about the future and what will happen if things don’t change. This class has brought so much attention to things I had never thought of but I’m glad I have taken this class and I will definitely keep in mind everything we’ve talked about.

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