A poor world.

This week I felt as though I contributed a lot to the learning community in regard to recent course topics and in breakout sessions. More often than not, most people in the breakouts don’t want to speak up very much, which is understandable, but this week it was difficult to cultivate conversations regarding the topic and our individual standpoints. Making the Jamboards difficult to structure but I think we were all headed in the same direction. I was given the ‘YES’ passage and this week I agreed completely! Although, I can see both sides of the argument and would be very interested to read the opposing side. This reading honestly infuriated me and almost became overwhelming. I love this class so much because we are able to discuss real problems that are active and are in desperate need of attention and action. At the time, I am appreciative of the topics that we are being introduced to but I begin to panic in the thought process that no one else is as concerned. It was disheartening to read through the passage and realize that this is what the world is really like. When you’re young and naive it’s easy to believe that the world is your playground but we are living in a battlefield. Constantly attacking the earth while it strikes us back repeatedly. The author describes poverty as a social condition and it absolutely is. Because people don’t have access to the basic needs of human survival, society doesn’t even consider them to be civilians. People in poverty are seen as a problem or a burden when they should be seen as what they are, in need. There should be no world with millionaires and world hunger. There should be no world where city taxes are used to place spikes under highways as opposed to providing these PEOPLE, living human beings, with the basic resources they need to survive. I believe the more we use our own resources the feed our nation the better we will live. We need to limit globalization, enforce environmental rights, and support those in need.Poverty does seem to contribute to global degradation but we are all aware that that isn’t the main pressing issue. So many more attributes come into play in this argument but I ultimately think that these issues should beat the top of our governments agenda or else there will be nothing to govern. 

My mindful meditation this week was very successful. I chose to do my meditation every time I got overwhelmed this week as opposed to in the mornings as I have done in the past. I get overwhelmed daily so I thought why not? By doing so I realized how miniscule the issue really was and once I was then calm a solution often presented itself. This is so much different from my morning mediation because the weight of the day hasn’t begun to linger yet and most of the time I can simply think of nothing. But this week I chose to do it with a lot on my mind and what I realized is there really wasn’t all that much on my mind. What really was on my mind were all the sub-causes that would occur had the worst case scenario come into play. Like I said before my main aspiration during this process was to gain more patience from day to day, and this angle of meditating was imperative for me. I don’t feel so defeated each time a problem is thrown my way and I feel confident in knowing that there’s always a solution and if I take a deep breath everything is going to be okay. 

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