Finding Peace In Hard Times

This past week I have learned more about wicked problems specific to my major and my future career path. My group and I started to dig deeper into the problem of energy usage in commercial buildings and the effects that come with it. I feel like we have all worked well together and we have a good start on our project. This week’s class was very interactive. We had a pretty long reading assignment, and I am not going to lie, some of it was confusing to me. Once we started having a discussion over the topic, it started to become much clearer to me. I also feel like I did a pretty good job when I was called on to add input. I usually do not speak up very much in class and my anxiety shot up when I heard we were going to be randomly selected to share our thoughts. But honestly, it was not as bad as I expected, and I think it helped me (personally) stay more aware and involved during our discussion. I have been enjoying the topics we discuss, and I feel like I am learning a lot. Climate change and environmental issues are a very big problem for not only our society, but our entire planet. This is a topic that everyone needs to learn about. If we want to help, or even stop this disaster, then we must do everything we can to educate ourselves. Although these are tough problems and they do not have a simple fix, at least we can begin to understand them. Our generation is going to be responsible for taking over the efforts to save our planet. In all seriousness, Earth will be able to recover from all of the damage humans have inflicted upon it, but humans will not. This is an urgent problem that will be irreversible if we do not act fast enough. It is a very serious issue, and it is quite honestly stressful to think about. Going along with stress, I have enjoyed doing our mindfulness practice. I look forward to our first ten or so minutes of class when we get to meditate and relax. It is very peaceful, and I think it helps me get ready for the class. Outside of class, I find practicing mindfulness to be extremely beneficial. Over the past week, I have been super stressed with a project that was due. I found myself super drained and tired from the large amount of work I needed to finish. I took some time to myself to just relax and I used the Calm app to do my own mindfulness practice. I must say that it really does help me to unwind and relieve stress. I am thankful that we started working on these practices and I think they have been a lot of help. As students, we have a lot of stuff on our plate that we must work on balancing and it can be taxing. But thankfully, we get the opportunity to utilize many resources to assist our troubles.  

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