In regards to the last couple weeks of topics

In the recent weeks we have discussed topics on poverty, how the poor consume how it might affect the environment and How design is indicative of how people want to be perceived and the level of sustainability of fashion and trends. Information that I helped show my breakout group was some of the effects of fiber waste from the textile industry, especially micro plastics have been harmful to the oceans of the world and the sea life that lives in and gets back to us. It has been more of just helping spread the information, but the main reason the microfiber waste is a decent problem is due to the sewage filtration system not catching most of the fibers they then get to the bigger bodies of water and plenty of fish attempt to eat the fibers, fish that people eat meaning we have contaminated a source of food for people of the world. In the breakout groups I believe that I shared most of the information that I felt I took in, if there was anything that I could share about humility in design is that in light of the covid pandemic some designers have looked into creating collections that are Seasonless in that they are made to look and be comfortable for the body during most if not all the seasons. These seasonless designs would probably help us go back to daily wear that is sturdier and longer lasting which might help with waste of textiles, the only major complaint that is being brought up against seasonless designs is that people will have less variety in their wardrobe, but to combat that designers could focus more designs on accessories which tend to be smaller and might waste less. A major takeaway that I got from the poverty and sustainability is that either way you look at it it turns out to be less of a cause and effect and more of a continuous loop or venn diagram of sorts that they both cause each other to hurt the individual or hurt the earth/community. I was assigned the yes article which explained how urban and rural poor can cause degradation like the rural using the land and natural resources more being less dependent on economic resources, which is a reason why it could have a effect on the degradation of the environment, but plenty of points that i heard during the meeting and in our group helped show me reasons why it is not necessarily the fault of the poor on the environment. For the mindfulness practice I did not get to do it consistently due to a massive schedule push back for me in the last few days, along with my other classes and projects my schedule was not really suited for a set time and clear space and area to do any sort of mindfulness practice. Instead of being able to sit down and clear my mind and relax it turned to a sort of autopilot for my body while I tried to clear my mind and accept the things going on around me while I listened to nature sounds and rain to help cover the consistent noise, but all in all it helped me focus on things I need to get done and helping myself get in to a better mindset.

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