Is this a corporation issue or a government?

This week, we were encouraged to spend ten minutes in mindfulness practice. I have loved the five minutes, but with ten, I have felt more relaxed and more calm! The coloring of the mandala i didn’t really take anything away from. I like coloring and that is very calming for me, however, I’m just not sure why it wasn’t clicking that day. I did more of the mindfulness practices like we have been doing in class, outside of class, and it has helped tremendously. I am a very natural “stress ball” is what my mom calls me. Even if the problem is small, something in my head amplifies the amount and it’s a major panic. If something stresses me out, I want to quit and for most instances, I will just stop and come back to it hours later because I get so frustrated. This week, we had a major project due and I was not handling it well. I have always struggled in situations that stress me out, but more recently it has gotten extremely worse due to some medical issues. The mindfulness practice exercises have been helping alleviate some of that stress and just really take my mind somewhere else for just a bit! It has helped me sort out some of my thoughts without really looking so deep and so emotionally, but rather rationally and with a clear head! If there was anything I would do differently, it would be to try and take at least ten minutes a day to mediate. I have every couple days, but I know if I did it more of more things I find as “meditating” more often, it would be better!

I did not receive the weekly reading, however in discussion we talked about if big corporations should be involved in helping with poverty. I can see both yes and no sides. Yes, it would be a great investment for jobs, but I feel like there would be a power struggle between corporations and people over the land and how everything is run! If a corporation became bigger and wanted to expand, it may cause issues with other people also trying to expand as well as recruiting. Ultimately, our team picked yes! However, I feel like there should be a specifically set rules to protect people from falling prey to power hungry corporations that screw over their people and put them right back where they started. Even if big corporations did get involved, why isn’t the government doing more that they can to help? My question has always been, why can’t the government just print more money? They set up the currency in the first place, yet they expect you to have all this money and pay for all your debt. Yes, if the minimum wage went up, there would be inflation. However, if the people in the government years and years ago could come up with a currency and how the “money system” is supposed to world, why can’t we alter that to help?

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