Its not the main reason

I have contributed to the learning community in regard to the recent curse topic is by sharing my views on what the rural and urban poverty means to me. I also have been participating in mindfulness practice in the course through the mandala and through the talks. During this discussion, I was part of the yes side meaning that poverty is responsible for global environmental degradation. One thing that I wished that I could have expressed is that I do not believe that poverty is responsible for global environmental degradation. I think the main things that cause global degradation include overpopulation, deforestation, landfills, etc. I think that poverty might have something to do with global degradation in a way but it’s not the main reason. Some major takeaways that I had was actually learning how to start up a topic conversation in the class. I also took away some mindfulness practice ideas. During out mindfulness practices at the beginning of each class, it has taught me to do it on my own. With practicing mindfulness on my own it has helped become calmer in situations and has helped me clear my mind in a good way. During my mindfulness practices, I used the calm app. Within the calm app I listened to music and sounds and closed my eyes. This practice actually relaxed me in a way that I felt good. I did not worry about the things that I have to deal with, and I just cleared my mind and let myself be free. It was nice to know that I could achieve this and not have to worry about everything so much. It helped me realize that meditation is something that I should set aside time for every day. 

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