Mandala and Poverty

This week we were asked to up our game in our mindfulness practices. Instead of just taking five minutes to, for me, meditate, we were now asked to try and attempt ten minutes. Honestly, I was excited to use a longer amount of time to meditate because it calms my anxiety and clears my head. My mindfulness practice keeps me focused and allows me less stress. This week was a very stressful one for me because I had a huge project due and it was taking a toll on my anxiety. In some moments I chose to step away from my project and meditate to refocus. Doing this helped very much and allowed me to give my project my full attention. In class we always do our mindfulness practice as a group and this past week we had to print off a picture of a mandala to color. This was my favorite class practice we have done so far because coloring is one of my favorite things to do because much like meditating it eases my mind and releases my stress. 

In class after we finished our mindfulness practice, we jumped right in and started talking about the article we read before class covering how poverty effects the environment. We were assigned YES and NO articles like before. Once again I read the YES article, saying poverty plays a major role in the use of natural resources and pollution. I understood the authors overall message and I feel they did make many valid points. With less access to money, people living in poverty have to rely on natural resources to survive. This in turn uses up most of the natural resources living few ways for the poor to live sustainably. Sustainability is a very important practice; however, it can be difficult to keep up with when you do not have money or access to money. This is why people in poverty have a harder time living sustainably which causes them to use up those natural resources and create more pollution. The government and corporations are also not doing anything major to help those living in poverty. 

In our breakout rooms, my group and I discussed how we feel corporations should help those in poverty by giving them access to jobs, creating programs where they can live in a house and practice sustainability while they get back on their feet. That was the suggestion I gave because this concept is already an idea, but it is for families in bad circumstances and also for people with addiction problems trying to get better. We also talked about how food stamps are almost vital for people in difficult situations, yet sometimes it can be tough for them to be eligible for food stamps. I think this is something that corporations, along with the government, could strive to do something about. This is especially important if we want our earth to stay afloat and reduce pollution in order to live more sustainably. With all this being said, I do not believe that poverty stricken areas are the only reason the earth is dying, but they do however play a major role.  

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