Poverty Has Multiple Personalities and None of Them are Pretty.

            This past week consisted of an interesting topic about poverty and what how it is a wicked problem. Poverty is a wicked problem because of the many solutions it requires and because of the many different or unique approaches it requires to get to the solution to the problem. Poverty is not something that can just go away, and I believe that with the help of big corporations, poverty could be reduced. If big businesses contributed to heling out with poverty in places that need help the most, our economy could boost from it. Debt, homelessness, and poverty have always been a giant issue in the world, and I believe that something should be done about that.

            This past week I have considered the ways that poverty affects people in different areas. In class, we discussed the difference between rural poverty and urban poverty and it really opened my eyes and changed my perspective on poverty. Poverty is not always going to look the same and this is something I have come to realize. In rural areas, it can be much harder to get out of poverty because, once they use all of their resources they are in trouble. Versus, in urban areas, it is slightly easier to get a job and work to build up your money, while in rural areas, you kind of work for yourself to make money through growing, raising or creating your products and selling them. I knew that working on farms were difficult to maintain but learning about poverty made me understand how much of an issue it really is. Something I have also reflected on was minimum wage. I believe a big issue that leads to poverty, is underpay. It is so hard in today’s current living situations. Pricing on basic human needs is constantly inflating, while minimum wage is obviously too low, and no one has done anything about it. The amount of workload for most minimum wage jobs are not worth the pay and I believe that the minimum wage needs to be raised. If the minimum wage were raised, it would truly dig people out of the blackhole that is poverty.

            This week’s mindfulness practice was incredibly fun for me! I enjoyed it so much that I could not resist but finish coloring the whole mandala! I enjoy just sitting down and expressing myself through art. Sometimes, life moves too fast and it is nice to just sit down and decompress through coloring. Coloring pictures where you have to stay within the lines gives me nostalgia from when I was child and it brings me so much joy to color pictures like the mandala. I chose magenta, light green, and navy blue. I chose these colors because I feel like they complimented each other while expressing my mood of being stressed but still thriving.

Mindfulness Activity – Completed Mandala just for fun. 🙂

            To conclude my blog, I wanted to address how much this class has helped educate me. I thought I already knew a lot about these problems we have discussed within these past weeks, but I was wrong! I have been so pleasantly surprised with how useful this course has been to me and I am looking forward to conclude this course, knowing I am walking away with so much useful information that will help me, going forward in my career as an Interior Designer.

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