Poverty, is it a choice?

This  past week has been extra stressful for me. I felt like I was loaded down with work and my schedule did not seem to have any time for me to have some relaxation. I am hopeful that this week brings me a little more grace with my assignments hehe. But I was super grateful to say the least for this weeks’ zoom lecture. I really do appreciate the 10-15 minutes we take to find peace of mind each week in class. It helps calm me down and feel not so anxious for the things I  have to do afterwards. I also really liked coloring. I always have loved to draw and paint and think it’s such a good way to relax as well! Although the time we had in class wasn’t enough to finish my coloring, I did finish it afterwards. I had a lot on my plate with my first graphics project due on wednesday, but coloring helped me relieve my stress and I worked even harder to finish it after! I ended up doing a monochromatic theme with pinks and purples and hung up the drawing in my room!

Along with our meditation practice Tuesday, I also liked the discussion we had over rural and urban poverty and how different the aspects of it are. Most people when they picture those in poverty just see those from third world countries or malnourished children. I never even understood how prevalent it is even in our country today. Poverty looks different on each and every person, or family it affects. Families who face poverty in urban areas more so feel the economic burden of it all. They deal with overcrowding and poor living conditions on top of pollution in the city. It’s hard for them to leave this vicious cycle as well because most families cannot just up and leave their lives and move out to the country. I could also say the same for the families of rural poverty. Most of these families work on farms or see how little resources are available to them due to their distance from larger populated areas. Many people rely on their crops and resources from the land. And sometimes it’s not always perfect when dealing with plants and animals. It becomes hard to live everyday life without those things and many rural families look toward the city for opportunity. This causes a cycle of more overpopulation, overcrowding, and pollution which ultimately affects those from urban areas as well. Living in poverty, in my eyes, is very hard to overcome. Someone has to go without and a lot of the times the family suffers when others try to find help. I think that we can overcome and help others by not letting people who live in poverty subject themselves to thinking they can’t do things for themselves. For instance, a government issued check for food and expenses is nice, but it cripples them from wanting to go out and get a real job to overcome the situation they are living in. I believe those who want to leave can, and those who are not sure do not help the cycle they are living in.

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