Should corporations be helping more

This week we had to take 10 minutes out of our day to practice mindfulness, after hearing about what we had to do in class about meditating and then coloring I chose to do this to see if this would be more helpful. I think it did help me more than just meditating and was a good way to focus. This was needed this week because I had my first project due in my graphics 1 class which took up a lot of time and I didnt get much sleep because of it. It was hard and took a really long time and I still dont think it turned out the way I wanted it to. I also had a test the day after my project was due so this was a good week to be practicing mindfulness. I think if i do continue to do this I will find different methods to do this and find which one works the best. I also started to use the calm app which can be very useful at night.

After we did our mindfulness practice in class we began to talk about the reading we had to read before class. The article that I read was the no side of the argument. The article started with discussing the poor and how the poor was a big factor in the negative effect that they left on the environment. I was confused on what the yes side would be saying on this issue. This is because they rely more on resources to help them, which isn’t their fault. I also mentioned in my group that the poor will get what they can access. A lot of this has to do with which area they are in as well. On the no side it talks about alternatives and solutions that could fix this problem while also helping the poor and it explains how they are not directly the cause of what happens to the environment. A big reason for why people may think this is because they also don’t have the access to doing things like helping the environment when they are just getting what they can when they can. It is not the people in poverty’s fault but the way things are and how the system is set up.

When we were put into breakout rooms we had to decide whether corporations should invest to help the poor, to help the environment and help people. Our group said yes because corporations have the money and power to do this. Corporations would be helping a big cause and it could lead to a sustainable environment. We all agreed to corporations investing which could help areas grow and become a better place environmentally. This week has been very eye opening because I never really thought about this issue before and what ways people can help this be resolved. It is interesting to see different views on these issues when reading a no article and then hearing from what the other side has to say.

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