We Need A Change

I found this past week’s reading to be rather interesting. I had the “NO” side of the argument and I agreed with most everything the author mentioned. One of the points that stood out to me was about how we need to find ways to help the poor, because in return it will help the environment. If the people in poverty succeed and live a good life then our environment will too. The author mentioned that the government needs to try and help get more people involved in their community. If those who live in poverty are more involved then they will care about what their community looks like and want to help it. One of the points the “YES” author makes is about how companies are in it for the money. I completely agree, but sometimes you have to do what you have to to get the environment healthy again. 

The past few classes we have also been learning about meditation and the benefits it has on your day to day life. Every time before class we take time to meditate. We have also been encouraged to meditate outside of class and take 10 minutes everyday to calm our minds. Now I will admit that I don’t do it for 10 minutes everyday, but I do meditate when I remember to. I need to work on setting time aside to clear my mind and meditate some. It helps when I do it in class so I don’t know why I don’t incorporate it into my everyday life. There are so many ways to practice mindfulness, so I would love to do some more research and find other ways to practice it. It’s something I’m really interested in, I just have made time to do it. I have heard about mindfulness journaling and I think that would be a great thing to add to my everyday life. 

We recently were assigned an infographic project which I’m actually pretty excited about. At first my group had no idea what we were doing, but after Tuesday’s class we were able to fully understand it. I’m excited to dive deeper into our chosen topic and get a better understanding of everything going on in the world. I like how we each will be doing our own topic so we can focus on specific information. I think this way we can each educate our other members better on our chosen articles.  Although I’m excited for this project I’m still confused on how we’re supposed to be creating our own infographic. Once we get all of our information it may just come naturally when designing our infographic, but until then I may be stressing a little bit. 

I’m sad that we’re coming to the end of this class in a few weeks, but I am so grateful for everything I’ve learned. Not only has this class helped me know more about sustainability and the environment, but it has also helped me with dealing with my stress. Everything I’ve learned is something that I will definitely keep with me for the rest of my life.

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