How The 11th Hour impacted how I think about the world today

During this class, I have learned a lot about the wicked problems that we face, how to help solve them in different ways, sustainability, and teamwork. In the class I was able to speak up and let others know my point of view and listening to others point of view and coming to a conclusion about the topics discussed. The knowledge that I was able to retrieve include learning the major wicked problems we face in environmental ways, economic ways, and ways that are tied to our specific majors whether it be interior design or fashion design. When thinking of these wicked problems, we tied them into how they relate to sustainability, whether it be yes it does relate or no it does not relate. During this class I was given the side of yes it does relate to sustainability and it does help and make an impact. When reading the articles each week about how certain problems are helped by sustainability, it gave me a way to understand how people think about these issues. Sometimes I would not always agree to the yes side, but it helped me understand how other people think and give me a good understanding of the other side taken. While discussing these topics in class it was insightful to hear what the other students thought and how the other students think about these wicked problems and these sustainability issues. We were able to discuss what we thought and were given activities to enhance our learning about these topics. Getting put into breakout rooms gave me the opportunity to get to know the other students and help me get to hear other perspectives on the issues to I can better understand what the problem is. During this class, I wished that I were able to learn more about the issues at whole and getting to know the students more. During this class, we were also given the opportunity to explore meditation. Meditation is not only good for the mind it is good for the soul. Meditation give you a chance to tap into creative energy and let go of the things you have to worry about. It gives you the opportunity to clear your mind and do something for yourself. With practicing mediation in class, it was helpful in the sense that it helped me clear my mind before class so I can really contribute to the points and things asked in class. Some major takeaways from this class include allowing me to understand the issues we face today more clearly. When I think of our world today, I think of the good things and how things continue to get better, I do not think of the bad things. In this class we discussed the wicked problems of the world and it opened my eyes to see that not everything is perfect. When discussing these topics in class it helped me better understand the ways that we can help solve these issues. When thinking of things environmentally, helping people become aware of the issues is a good start to solving the problem. When thinking of things major based such as wicked problems in interior design, helping the issues of landfills and demolition is a way to start solving the problems. When thinking of a problem like this, there are 6 main things you have to think about. The six things you have to think about include: variable problems, variable solutions, solutions have no endpoint, solutions pose irreversible effects, solutions require unique approaches, and urgent action is needed. In this class, during our infographic project, my group and I used these six main things to think about when talking about our main wicked problem which was how demolition and landfills can be bad for the environment. In our group we have discuss how we need to go about this and how we can be successful in our project. We as a team have done research about our topic and how we can come up with solutions to the issue. When thinking about the main thing that I have gotten out of this class is the movie The 11th Hour. In the movie The 11th Hour, it talks a lot about the wicked problems that we face in our environment and economy today. In the beginning of the movie it talked about the aspects of the industrial revolution that may have instigated what is an environmental crisis. It also talked about how that global warming is a key environmental and ecological issue we are facing. It made the example of the fish in the ocean and the oil spills. Some of the barriers to a sustainable future that was also discussed is the media and how they pass down their knowledge to us and where we are given our information. Because of the media and the technological advances, we do no grow our own food anymore and we are no longer in touch with the sources of our survival and no longer learn from our own experiences but the experiences of others. Towards the end of the film it talked a lot about what the government, the industries, and us as citizens can do to help. For the government perspective, the filmmakers state that reducing income tax and offsetting it with an increase in energy taxes will help in ways that we do no talk about. When talking about the industry, it goes along with the government in the sense that if we retrofitted all government buildings built pre-1950, and create tax environments to help cities and states and federal government to retrofit those buildings, we could create three million industrial jobs and could import much less oil. These statements from the movie helped me better understand how our world works and how certain people can help fix specific things. When thinking of the positive aspects of how we can help our world in today’s society, I feel that I can contribute to those things by helping people become aware of the issues in our environment and our economy. With being an interior design major, I feel that I can help lessen the amount of demolition that happens, even though it will not be a huge impact on the way that I can help, every little thing helps. 

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