Changing for the better

This course has taught me so much about the wicked problems in our society, culture workforce, and economy. Before this course, I was not informed about all the problems that this industry causes to our environment, and I believed that I was not affecting the problem. After this course, I now realize that be misinformed and uninformed can do just as much damage as understanding the concept and not doing anything about it. This course has also helped me come out of my comfort zone a little bit more and talk to my peers. I am normally not the person to talk in class or give my opinion, but this course has given me the opportunity to give my opinions and share my point of view that might be different from my fellow classmates. One unique viewpoint that I was able to share with my learning community was that I think with my emotions rather than hard facts or knowledge about the subject. Learning about all these new topics for the first time and not knowing a lot about them gave me a unique perspective. Being able to think more emotionally about certain topics gave a unique perspective and made my learning community think in a different way. I wish I would have spoken up a little bit more on subjects that I did have more knowledge on so I could have shown my community that I can also think critically. 

Being in the design field, I did not think that I had as big an impact on the environment as I thought. I came into this course believing that there was nothing I could do about the greenhouse gas emission problems or the major problem of deforestation, but in reality, as an interior designer, I am at the center of these problems. Learning that all of the fabric swatches we use are not biodegradable is just one example of the negative effects interior designers have on the environment. One thing that is coming back in style is reusing items and making old things new again. This is very good news for my field. As old things are coming back in style, the problem of having extra fabric leftover, or having leftover scraps of wood from a piece of furniture is not as big of a deal now. When designing a new home, we will be able to sure old furniture avoiding all of the leftover items, in turn, helping with some of these major problems that the interior design industry is causing. Another thing that I took away from this course was that not only do we have to focus on the effects we are causing on the environment, but we also have to take time from this topic and burden and focus on our mental and physical state. Over the past eight weeks, I have learned about the practice of mindfulness. I did not know that mindfulness was before the beginning of this course, but now I cannot picture my day to day life without it. Being able to take time out of the day to focus on me and relax and breath has helped me in many tremendous ways. Practicing mindfulness has made me a better student, friend, and all-around person. 

After doing the infographic project and learning about the effects that commercial buildings have on the environment without even knowing it has made me take a step back and think about some things that I am doing that are affecting the environment in a negative way. One thing that has been brought to my attention is how much plastic I use. The amount of plastic I use is something that is totally in my control and something that I can change easily. Another thing that I have been thinking more about is the products that I am buying. After watching “The 11th Hour” movie and hearing that we are voting every day when we are buying products has made me think about the products that I am actually buying. The effects that both plastic and other materials that are in everyday products have on our environment is tremendous. I know that there are more things in my everyday life that I use and do are making a negative impact on the environment, and my goal after this course is to continue my research on these topics and find more changes that I can do. These are just two little changes that I am trying to make in my everyday life that can make a positive impact on the environment, but as this class comes to an end, I am hoping to still learn and pursue this idea of making positive changes in my everyday life. 

My circle of influence is the people that are closest to me and who I have the most impact on. A circle of influence is also a problem that concerns me that I am willing to make a change. With the way that I have been living up until now, I would like that say that I have been a positive impact on my circle of influence, but in reality, I have not been. This course has brought me knowledge of new subjects that I had never even thought about before. Now knowing the things that I know after this course, I am ready to share the knowledge that I have gained with my circle on influence and begin to be more passionate about topics that I care about. One problem that really affects me is the major problem of deforestation in our world. When I think about this topic it makes me so upset to think that my industry has such a big impact on the process of tearing down our forests. One way that I can make a positive change in my circle of influence is to share my knowledge and passion about the subject and do things that can help put a stop to deforestation. One easy and fun way to help with the deforestation issue that I can do with my circle of influence and plant a tree wherever I can. This activity is showing my passion for the subject, doing something about it, and having fun with my circle of influence while doing it.     

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