To begin, during my last week of Wicked Problems I have learned more about sustainability; specifically, the practices that need to take place now to have a healthy future. Once again, I was able to read an article/ movie about healthy implications that citizens, government, corporations could take part in such as the reconstruction of buildings (built with natural resources), practicing frugality, and more. After retaining more knowledge, I was able to share my ideas with my peers and begin to form a conversation. I began by explaining some of the experiences I had with trying to make the world healthier. When I was young, I use to volunteer to help clean up trash, did team recycles, and more humanitarian things. Not surprisingly my classmates participated in good youthful activities and we all concluded how much of a better person we felt afterward. Helping the earth is more than just helping the land your helping people, animals, etc. That said after enrolling in this course it further motivated us to get back to our humanitarian roots to help grow a healthy economy in the time it needs us most.  Adding, I wanted to elaborate on all the Stillwater websites that I found that listed projects that my team and I could get involved in to start our progression, however, it slipped my mind to mention It. Hopefully one day my peers will come across it and begins to get involved.  

To continue, while learning in this course the key takeaways for me is to practice sustainability and be an influence on others to practice too. When I was young TV shows, YouTube ads, etc. always promoted participating in healthier practices to help the world become more sustainable. However, now I do not see those humanitarian commercials promoted as much. Therefore, I am blessed to have taken this course because it brought this important situation back into my life and motivated me to become a more caregiving person to the planet. Moreover, another key takeaway that I have learned from this course is that I need to value the items that I have more. Like many other teens and young adults’ fast fashion is so important to us because we want to be flashy and have the coolest items. However, I learned during this course that I can still admire fashion but make it sustainable; meaning hold on to all my goods because one day they will be popular again. When it does, I would be killing two birds with one stone because not only will I be practicing sustainability, I will also be in fashion. Lastly, my most important takeaway is to get involved and spread the word. Many people claim that my generation is the generation to fix everything; which is possibly true because we are technologically advanced, however, we don’t have the support system we need to make that happen. As humans on this earth, we must be aware of our health and ways to keep it green around the world. If that was more installed into our educations, policies, building constructions, etc. we would naturally be aware of sustainable issues and proceed to do better. However, the conversation on this topic is slim. Before enrolling in this course, I knew little of sustainability, but now that I know I feel that it is important that I share information about it to others so that they can be aware and potentially help.

Next, a solution that brought me great interest and would like to know more about is the reconstruction of buildings to where they power off natural resources. I gathered this information from watching the last 30 minutes of the movie “The 11th Hour” which talked about sustainability and the issues that continue to happen around the world. I feel that their idea of reconstructing buildings to be sustainable is a smart idea. However, at the same time, I feel that anytime people want to go green, the cost is high. That said, although I feel like it is a splendid idea and I would like to know more about how companies and governments are going to enforce this; I feel that it is more of an idea instead of a future project. I learned during this course that the government and higherup people in general worry only about a dollar bill instead of the health of their, and other people’s life.

Fourthly, I feel that I have a high chance of impacting chance among my group of peers. I live in a time where social media is a powerful tool and a lot of time people replicate what they see from social media. That said I feel that if I not only go out spread the word and knowledge, people, about sustainability and our world but build a social media platform to motivate movements; I would influence many to get involved in healthier environmental activities. Backtracking, I feel that what I could do right now is get involved physically around my community before I begin such high task. I have gathered a lot of knowledge about sustainability and environment grow but now it is time to physically go out and participate to build my resume. If I want to be a leader, motivating others to get involved I must also show others that I am doing exactly when I am preaching. This, in turn, will help me be known as an honest trustworthy person that others can be influenced by; pushing to walk in my footsteps.

With all that said Wicked Problems is an important course that I would recommend and promote to anyone to learn more about the world, they live in. For me, it was full of valuable information that I will continue to cherish throughout my days and mention to others because it is so important. As a human on this earth, I believe I am taking care of nature because that’s all we got. Once it is gone there is no replacing it.

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