A Positive End to the Story?

Coming into this class as a somewhat freshly graduated high scholar that has been alone for the majority of their second semester of senior year, I was more than eager to talk about these wicked problems. While still in high school, I was taking a class called AP Environmental Science. To be honest, I did not pay attention in the classroom. In this class, we talked about pollution, agriculture problems, water issues and how inefficient we are with the use of it, our depleting sources of easily available groundwater and fossil fuels, and other things similar to these problems. These were wicked problems, but these problems were not presented in a way that we had to be mindful of different changing solutions to the problem, but rather we talked about the problem and what people have been doing to solve these problems. I caught myself wanting to share these solutions, without realizing that the solutions I was taught only applied to the U.S. I did share my thoughts throughout class, but they were more or less vague to what I really wanted to talk about. I do wish we were able to discuss different solutions as it gives incite to people’s morals and how they were raised. Whereas the assignment in the beginning was a way to learn about other’s background, it was specific information that they wanted to share. I personally think I can learn more about someone’s upbringing when we were discussing our opinion on certain topics, as it shows their thinking process and their reasonings behind their opinion. 

Throughout this class, I realized I was slowly becoming less detached to the discussion portion of this class. I was swarmed with work from other classes that took up the majority of my time. I still turned in the assignments before the due date, but I was not as engaged as I was in the beginning. This sounds like a pity party, but I began to sleep less; I was either working on my drafting projects, at work, or sleeping. I sometimes would forget to drink water or eat (literally, I think I only ate a bowl of cereal today.)  This class was just another pile on the workload I needed to get done. What does this say about me? I know I care for these issues and it is something I try to stay aware of in my life, but sometimes it is a chore. I slowly began to stop expressing concern in my mind for wicked problems, but rather just trying to get the work done so I can pass the class. When I was trying to figure out what to write in this blog, I realized that I have become one of the masses. Do I care for Earth? Of course I do, I live here so I have to. However, life’s fist comes at us full force and knocks us out. I am so sleepy, I have only grown to be concerned with my own issues. Read this blog, all I have done is complain! This mentality was one of the biggest takeaways I got from this class. Of course everyone is concerned about the Earth dying. People are trying to do the best they can, but life sucks. People can not focus on these wicked problems if they have no money, no food, no security, no rights. We as humans are so self focused that it is hard to solve other problems when you have your own. How much work can I get done when I only get less than five hours of sleep each night? Maybe I should sleep earlier, that would be a great solution, but it does not help that I have spent all day doing college work. Am I being selfish for not caring about the environment? I know I am very privileged because I am able to afford an education, live in a relatively safe area, and can provide myself with food. Everyone is on a different stage in life, yet we are experiencing the same story. Earth is slowly disappearing into the crowd, but it is hard to see when you are overcomed with your own story. The major takeaway I got from this class was that the overly positive solution to solve basically all of the wicked problems is if we genuinely cared for one another. Due to our human nature, however, it is difficult to care for something else more than yourself.

So, while everyone cannot just start caring for everyone, we can learn to respect one another first. Realize that some people are going through life at different rates and that it is rude and insulting to expect someone to be on the same pace as you. Does this apply to wicked problems? Of course it does. Some people do not realize poverty can be passed through the family, or they were cheated by the system. It is not just as simple as to “get a job.” Or with being sustainable; It is not just a matter of recycling. If being sustainable meant to stop the consumption of fast fashion and strike against big corporations, would you do it? We all have our own selfish reasons as to why we do the things we do, and as long as they are morally right, there is not a lot people can do to change a strangers mindset. In the future, I hope that we can all learn to respect one another and to not cause dismay onto others. I want to learn more about other cultures and the history of certain communities, like the LBGT, to become more open minded. I would wish everyone else would want to learn more about others as well, but I know in some situations, it is difficult due to outside forces. I would want to grow up and become an adult in an open, safe environment so I can help the people that want to learn, but can not due to life.

This is my last blog and I think it has been only one with an actually positive note and not some humor I add to the end to make it more lighthearted. I will admit I did purposely make my blogs a little negative to open up to others and added humor so people could relate. I hope that with this positive change in the end of my blog that I have successfully made a nice environment. 

I hope you feel welcome and are happy.

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