Well, now what?

I have had many classes relating to issues towards the environment and people. Me contributing my knowledge from those classes to this class have really help me and my discussion with the breakout room. I contributed by speaking on different viewpoints and factors that were not even talked about in class. I wish we had longer discussion on a broader scale instead of us focusing on a certain topic. I was very curious on what we all thought of wicked problems or sustainability in general. I came in the class being an upper year and already in a major that brush on the topic of sustainable design. I just want to see where everyone is at with their thoughts in these problems. Hearing the entire class discussion talk I knew most of us were very new to the idea or topic, but I always want to discuss more in depth or even on a broader scale.

This class has brought up a lot of issues that the world is facing today. Explaining the reason of our fight against pollution and global warming, but the class also suggest that we have been knowing about this problem ever since. These wicked problems have been on the back of our mind for far too long, we know the downside and how fixing these issues would be very hard to overcome. These issues we talked about have allowed us to collectively agree there is a problem, and the solution requires action from a group. Major takeaways from this class is that even though we seen the issues and hear about them, we still do not preach what we say. Just like in the movie we watched, the 11th hour, the movie talk about we have the power to fix these issues but there are always factors that will not allow us, and one person isn’t enough to allow change in our community and environment. This class has taught us the basis of why the environment is struggling, but it is preparing ourselves to push and have a better understanding on what we as individuals could do. I guess the biggest issue is that we know our problems, we know our solutions, and we know our position regarding sustainability, but we look back and see that the power to change is on us. One person cannot change their ways for the world to be better, it takes everyone to fix these issues. From our class, we talked about corporations and government that could help our pollution. But we have the power to stop buying from corporations who do not take sustainability seriously and we have the power to stop electing politicians who listen to lobbyist and reject bills relates to sustainable issues. This class has brought attention to us that we do have the power to change our future, there is nothing we can not do to stop climate change.

The problems I have learned in this class is that our power to make change is inevitable, there will be change but at what cost? Our timing is something crucial to having a healthy world for generations to come. For my future, I want to be an architect that focus on sustainability. Hearing about bringing in biology to architecture, it made me realize I wanted to get into biomimicry. I taken a class about biomimicry and did a research on cooling systems of a building by looking into trees and how they transport water through the tree’s entire system. I believe it was one of those projects or research that made me passionate about architecture. Applying biology to architecture must be one of the newest movements in architecture. The innovation behind it is something I want to put myself in. I inspire to be an architect that designs for the people and the environment, I believe they put a lasting impression in history over star architects who built crazy structures that reflects their glory. I would like to know more about what I can do with architecture and how I can make a building not only sustainable but also beneficial for its local environment.

From what I stated, the power to change is in our hands and it requires all of us to establish these changes. I believe it is important to share my knowledge and concerns with my circle of friends and even through my projects here at school. I have been doing this for a while, but I have always been thinking about greenery or sustainable practices in my projects for architecture. I have always thought of how I can incorporate practices like amount of sunlight in the building and how temperature and lighting effects the space itself. I have use greenery and how it can be in turn be use as a food source for animals, humans, insects, or how greenery effect people’s mental health. I have incorporated systems I have thought of and how it can efficiently run through the site taking care of problems relating to building and construction. These are some of my tactics of implementing sustainability to my design, raising awareness to my peers and professors that sustainability is important for the future. However, projects are not the only thing that I can do to impact positive change to my circle of influence. Doing things myself such as sourcing where I buy my clothes, merchandises, or food is one of the things I have not committed to do yet but it is something that I can start and show people why it is important to do so. Explaining your lifestyle to people you are close to and allow them to understand why you are doing it can influence people. I personally do not believe that forcing people or keep bothering people about changing their life is effective. I feel like the saying of practice what you preach is something that is important, especially to this topic on sustainability. Overall, your impact starts with you, and then it will grow. If no one is leading it is up to you to decide if you want a change or not. Everyone knows the consequences of our actions on this planet, but everyone is scared to do it alone. I feel like if I am so interested in these topics and care about the earth, I will have to step up and guide people to their path on a sustainable life.

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