A final reflection

In this class I contributed information on the topics we read about usually I tried to look at certain aspects or perspectives that the articles put on the back burner or subjects that could affect the way the topics were perceived or results. Even though I may not have contributed the most during this class I feel that I took a lot from this class, the other students did contribute greatly to how I took in the information. In terms of if I wished I had shared more information during this class I would have to say no I feel I stated the most important topics that I thought of, if I ever want to share any information about the wicked problems in the industry I will try to be more active in the community to try and help find creative ways to solve this problem. But if I had to think of one of the topics that I could have brought more to the class it would have been on the Eleventh hour film, I was interested in talking about the mycelium functional cycle and how they have been trying to work with biomimicry to make a sort out natural occurring fungus that would help products biodegrade in a safe manner, or how we need to focus on mimicking how nature works in that things must decay for other organisms to thrive create a full cycle so that we work with our ecosystem rather than against it.The major takeaways from this class are first and foremost that problems are bigger than just one person that it is going to take everyone, especially big companies and the governments of the world to enact regulations or keep an eye on companies to limit and restrict types of pollution. The design industry is a major player in plenty of ways when it comes to pollutants and degradation of products, since design is used in just about every company and place in the world from architecture and clothing to small things like packaging and labels everything is designed, produced, printed at every step with each of those there are machines and bits that go to waste. The last main takeaway is the mindfulness practice, This practice that we were assigned over the weeks helped show me how to be more aware of the problems around me while being more self aware of my actions and how people may perceive things differently than how I intended it to be. The times and amount we were given to do over the weeks may not have been achievable due to some unexpected events that occurred over the week, but none the less I still tried to practice as much as possible and I think they were helpful for me to destress during this hectic time with covid and moving from campus. One thing that I would love to learn more about or potentially work in would be the “geothermal buildings” or that in terms act like trees where they take in CO2 and emit Oxygen or that they take in renewable energy like heating from the earth and generate electricity for the buildings, they usually produce about 90% less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. The mycelium spore cycle which is about how fungus decays naturally occurring plant life and such that we should develop our products to be compatible with the mycelium so that they can decay without releasing to many chemicals into the ground, this concept seems interesting in that there have been plenty of prototypes on the design function especially in alternatives for styrofoam a fungus that has similar properties of styrofoam in terms of strength, but they are biodegradable which is the main purpose to replace styrofoam, a problem that could occur is that the packages make there way into an ecosystem that does not contain that certain fungus so we do not know how it could affect those ecosystems on a small or large scale. The mycelium and geothermal/tree mimicry buildings are great concepts that could be implemented into current standards but it would take a hefty amount of time to implement across the world, and companies and the government have to much to gain from keeping the oil and gas industry, let alone the stir it would make in the job place especially in states where plenty of people rely on oil and gas jobs. In my circle of influence I think the way I will impact will mostly affect my family that I currently live with and the friends that i contact daily, the ideas about how we can change our habits will be the biggest impact I can get them to make since most of the people im close to are not in business with big corporations or work in design fields. The Mindfulness practice and other forms of meditations I have pushed for them to attempt and see if it works for them since I know the covid situation has raised tensions and caused them to stress over small things more so I have been trying to ease tensions by trying to help them be calm and think of how others are being affected  by the pandemic financially and mentally.

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