Make the change, and influence others

Even Though this course was only an 8 week course, I was able to learn and take away so many things that I can use in my life in the future. A few of the major things I was able to grasp was being educated more on topics such as poverty and mindfulness based on our zoom calls or readings we had weekly. Talking to others who were well educated on a certain topic was interesting and exciting being able to be a part of that and expand my knowledge. Engaging with people who were talking and communicating with each other over a common thing made it more appealing to me and being able to speak my truth on the wicked problem. Not only did I learn more about the wicked problems that our planet is dealing with, but I was able to get connected with others who are also within my major and talk about wicked problems that are in our field of study. I experienced the interaction with other people even while dealing with a pandemic but still connect with others about current wicked problems and see different solutions that we can contribute in our field of future work.

Mindfulness is a concept I was introduced to more during this course, which I found very interesting especially not expecting it in this course. My goal after learning more in depth about mindfulness, was to make time for me to play some music and just have time for myself. This class constantly reminded me of taking that time and putting it into practice in spite of being an overwhelmed college student. Every week I wanted to achieve an extra 5 minutes for myself especially with having such difficult classes that consume most of my time. The essentials of taking the time to be mindful and just meditate is good for my overall health and performance in class, which is very important as an incoming freshman. Taking on my spiritual time with worship music even in the car for me is my way of meditating and being mindful. 

One thing I want and will be taking out of this course is the different topics that are not only a problem in the world but also in my field of study. Analyzing interior design itself I can come up with solutions in my field that have not yet been brought up. Taking into consideration the different methods of thinking and identifying those wicked problems can be key to something bigger. Interior Design and any other majors can take advantage of this course since it is so broad and opens many opportunities to wicked problems. Other takeaways I would like to put into my future is being well educated on wicked problems within my field and not be clueless of problems that need to be solved. Educating myself with the different problems and solutions I read about in the readings every week could help me in the future,but also at the same time good information to know. In the movie we were assigned to watch in the beginning of the course and the last week had a good intention to show us how much of the world is being impacted by different things but also ways we need to improve it. Personally I enjoyed it and paid attention to what the people speaking were saying and what were the major concerns. This course taught me that it is important to be educated on concepts with the planet especially when it can tie in with my major and later make an impact to the industry I am in the future. For example, when I make my own non profit to help those in poor communities, I can use my knowledge on how to use sustainable elements that does the job but also makes it a benefit to the environment. 

Creating change after taking this class is something I want to do more than ever before. If everyone just does one simple thing that helps with sustainability and takes action on the issues around the world ;future generations will not suffer as much. Within my future area of occupation I want to be able to create more sustainable ways to design homes but in alternative ways where it can also save the environment. My circle of influence will be different within the next 4 years but now I can make a change just by my personal actions that I am doing that can hurt or better the planet. My choices with transportation, recycling, food sources, and any other resource can be something I can change to other alternatives like, for example, in the future for my next car I could get an eco friendly car that can change my carbon footprint. In the present, I can replace my plastic water bottles with a reusable water bottle to reduce the use of plastic and waste that later will be laying around on the earth. Creating sustainable habits could possibly not only help and benefit me but at the same time improve the environment’s conditions. 

I wish this course could’ve been longer than 8 weeks, so we could dive in deeper in other global issues that we can connect to with our lives. Not only has the class influenced me but taught me that I can also not influence others with the information and knowledge I gained from all the discussions and readings. For me to influence others I have to actually put those actions into play, actually recycling, using alternatives for plastic waste, and transportation use. In the future I want to own my own non profit and involve missions to it, so we can go out and spread information talked about in class but also help those who need fixing in their homes. My point of view has changed for my future plans and how I as a person will live my life without taking advantage of the planet; which I will not let my laziness be the reason why the earth’s conditions are where they are.

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