Moving Forward

Wicked problems in industrial practices has been my favorite class from the beginning. I took a small fashion course back in high school so going into this class I felt as though I knew most about specifically fashion pollution, however that couldn’t be far from the truth. Since completing the course, not only have I grown in knowledge in the sustainability department, but I have also grown to practicing mindfulness. I have gained so much information these past eight weeks through all the wonderfully welcoming class discussions and reading others blog pages. I truly cannot wait to take this experience into the fashion world and create a more sustainable earth environment. With the little time we have left, we need as many people to strive towards change. Being informed of these wicked problems and issues in these past eight weeks has seemed to affect everyone in the course, and everyone seems eager to change our world and industrial practices. 

Starting from the very beginning, the 11th Hour film introduced me to just a slice of what the course was going to contain. I knew that the earth has been damaged for many years now and obviously I strongly believe in climate change. However, I was unprepared for the countless issues that we are facing and continuing to practice in the industrial field. It was borderline disgusting and underlining disturbing what I saw on the screen. When discussing solutions, each and every person that was interviewed said that the first step is always awareness. You do not need to be an industrial worker or have a passion for eco friendly beliefs to make an active difference relating to the issue at hand. Awareness and research go incredibly far, spreading awareness will go even further. Keeping the little things in mind, such as electricity and water use, and know that they can accomplish wonders when limiting energy usage. Spreading awareness with the small changes will involve others to do the same. Big changes need small starts. 

I’ve said this in a previous blog post, but I have practiced mindfulness for some time now. Though especially during these past eight weeks, my mental health has been much, to put it simply. With some courses online and others in person, the pandemic, moving out of the house, college payments, unemployment, and the falling out of some friendships, this semester has been extremely difficult to get through. Many of these variables have certainly weighed me down, however having the weekly meditation sessions have helped my mental state, even if it is for the time being. Having the sessions starting at the beginning of class definitely helped me breathe throughout the class discussion and I felt more comfortable speaking and adding to the conversation.

I truly wish that this was a longer course. I feel as though there are far more topics and discussions waiting to be had regarding the umbrella conversation of sustainability. Going further in depth with this topic and really digging down to the disturbing and gritty side of this discussion is certainly something that this quick class would never have time for, but I really wish that it did. I was very much interested in most of the discussions we had in class, and I will certainly take that into the working world, to put it simply I just wish that there was more. Or at least going into further depth with the topics we talked about instead of briefly touching them. Of course, I will be continuing to pursue my own research on the issues at hand and our planet’s overall health. Climate change is affecting us all and we only have so much time left to enforce change. The earth is not a healthy place but the little changes we make can make it sustainable for future generations, we just need to strongly begin.  

Every previous generation enforces the upcoming one to fix their mistakes. Unfortunately, my generation is now being forced to fix not only the previouses problems, but generations before them and generations before them. Generation Z has continuously been given more and more tasks to complete and resolve, not only do we have to do so but we have to finish this on a time limit. We don’t have much time left to act, and though it is true that change starts small, the earth simply doesn’t have the time. We put forth ideas and solutions but they are immediately shut down for numerous unrelated reasons. I know that I am unable to change the previous generations opinions, however we are getting dismissed right off the bat because we are the new generation. We need to act now or nothing will ever be done. The next generation will feel and experience just as much if not more stress if we don’t do something. Spread awareness, save energy, do as much research as you can and act on it. Start off small and be sure to continuously grow from it. We can’t just continue living the way we are and we most certainly cannot be dismissed from a generation that hasn’t grown up in the world that we have lived in our entire lives. This entire planet cannot be another Easter Island. 

To wrap things up, I truly did love this class! It has most certainly opened my eyes in such a way that I will carry with me in whatever career field I find myself in. I will definitely be applying this information wherever I go and will continue to stay up to date on the wicked problems in this world, as well as the other aspects of countless issues in any industry. Creating a new environmentally friendly and sustainable way of the fashion design industry is what I strive for and I cannot wait to read other classmates’ blog posts regarding where they will end up and how they will apply all this new information in their departments. Hopefully, everyone was just as guided as I am by this course to speak out about these issues and create solutions, thus making this world more sustainable over time.

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