Not the End, A New Beginning

Over the course of the past eight weeks, I have learned a lot from this class. Not only about the course, but also about myself, my society and my peers. Some of the information I learned most about was the effect our decisions can have on the world around us. Even very minuscule choices can have a very large impact. Everyone on the planet has a role. The 11th Hour movie truly showed me the importance of change. We have to do everything we can to help our planet heal. Although the government is in charge of the biggest movements, we cannot rely on them to actually fix all of these issues. We do need the government to implement a lot of new policies and take charge, but while we wait for them to start making a difference, we have to step up and do our own duty. The responsibility is enormous, but it is a requirement if we want to keep the human race healthy and successful. We rely on the planet, but the planet does not rely on us. If we completely ruin our environment, that is the end for humanity. Earth will eventually recover but we will not. The movie helped me learn about some direct causes of climate change as well as some changes that we have made to lessen our effect on climate change.  

This class focused on the importance of our effect on the climate. As designers, we probably have the largest effect on sustainability. Of course, designers do not make policies and laws, but we still play an important role. Designers pick and choose what elements to use in a design. There are various options when creating something new. It is important that we choose environmentally friendly products. Along with green products, we must make our designs energy and cost efficient. In class we had a discussion about how designers can limit carbon emissions and other factors such as deforestation. This topic really stuck with me because it was not something I had really considered before taking this class. We have such a large impact on the way products are used and the effect these products will produce. This class shined a light on the difference my future career can make. We hold a lot more power than most people realize. This is an honor but a great responsibility.  

Climate change is no joke, and I believe that more people are beginning to realize this. I know there are plenty of people that want to deny that this is a serious issue but there are enough people in the know to make a difference. Denying this problem will not make it go away or make it stop any faster. Ignoring such detrimental problems is very ignorant. These issues have already been pushed back and pushed back by leaders in the past. Since we have realized that we only have a few years to fix this before we can no longer go back, society is more motivated to begin making adjustments. A lot of older people want to say that our generation is responsible for fixing these issues. This is a lot of pressure, but I believe they are right. If we do not do something now, there will be no time left to fix it. Although it would have been nice if the generations before us could have made a bigger impact (positively). Now is our time to repair the damage that humans have implemented on our planet. If our generation does not help, the responsibility will only be passed onto the next generation. I would not want to push this type of responsibility onto my children or any others. I feel like we are obligated to fix these problems that we did not create but we to tend to add onto them.  

Doing our infographic project was very insightful to me. I learned a lot about problems that I might be dealing with in my career. Ours was focused on the impact certain issues have on the environment. I thought that it was interesting to do research on these problems with people that are going into the same profession. My group was great, and I enjoyed working with them. This project was broken up to the point that it was very reasonable work, and it made the whole project a lot easier to complete.  

One of my favorite parts of this class was our mindfulness exercises. I know I have discussed this in my past blogs, but it was truly helpful to me. I really looked forward to taking some time during class to reflect and decompress. This was an excellent way to release stress while also bring my focus back to the class. I think that a lot of people get so caught up with balancing the responsibilities of being a student and forget to take a little bit of time to reflect on themselves. It is so important to make sure you are doing okay. Mental health has become a very big topic over the past few years, yet most people do not really know how to assist their mind in healing. I have been super stressed this semester about an assortment of things but the time we had in class almost made self-care a requirement for me, and it helped more than I thought it would. I downloaded the calm app and plan on continuing designating some time throughout the week to practice some mindfulness.  

Overall, this has been an amazing class. I mean it when I say that I enjoyed coming to this class. I learned more in eight weeks than I thought was possible. I have developed a new way of thinking and problem solving. I now know what a wicked problem is and what types of steps we must take to create a solution to them. I feel like I have a better chance of making a difference in my career as well as my daily life. This class taught me many valuable lessons that I will be able to carry with me throughout my college years and my adulthood.  

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