Sad final thoughts, but a happy outlook

This class the last eight weeks has definitely been one of my favorites! I had no idea what to expect going in, but after completing the course, I feel like not only have I grown in mindfulness practices, but through the blogs and discussions. I tend to stay quiet because discussions are not my cup of tea and actually cause a lot of anxiety for me, however I feel like I learned so much through the past eight weeks of this course and the problems of the industry. 

I had a couple major takeaways from this class. People can be stubborn. I know that’s a generic saying,but when we were talking about this class and the problems of the world, I noticed, it’s going to take major change for things to improve and to have a more sustainable life. People say this generation is supposed to stand up and make all these changes and then it’s those same people who criticize the new way of thinking. Change starts small, not huge, yet people are asking previous generations, who have done it a certain way their whole life, to change their whole way of thinking in one minute and then get frustrated at the previous generation. Every generation expects the next generation to “fix their mistakes”. At least, that’s how I see it. People are going to do what they want regardless of your opinion. Like in Easter Island, they had plenty of ways to make life sustainable for them on the island and yet they used all the resources of the island for religious purposes and ultimately caused their own demise without even thinking twice about it. You can’t change an entire generation’s way of thinking in just one day. For me personally, I know a lot of things that I am okay with, that my family is not and for some things they see my side on. Other things, I get shut down from the beginning because it is how they were raised and they don’t want to take the time to research and form opinions of their own.

The mindfulness practice exercises have helped me tremendously! Over this course period, I have had a lot of things going on on top of school and it has really taken a toll on me. However, when we did the first mindfulness practice the first day, I felt like I could breathe after being able to think logically about all the things going on and separating the emotion of the problem and just sorting out what needs to be done and when and really helped me think about different ways to solve a problem. I loved that that is how we started every class and it just made the rest of the class feel like it went so smoothly for me. 

Many topics we talked about in this class, I would love to take with me and continue to do my own research on! In the beginning of the class, I was really intrigued by the 11th hour movie! They brought a lot of topics to my attention that I would have never even thought about. I never realized how much of what we actually do affects the Earth in good and bad ways. You also don’t have to be out in the field to be making a difference. Anything you can do, can help! The first step is just research! I never really thought about small things like how much water I use or leaving a light on for a long time! I have become more aware with how much energy I have been consuming and if everyone started making those small changes, bigger changes will be more likely to follow.

We talked a lot about the problems with sustainability but I wish this class was longer! The time has flown by and I feel like a lot of topics were rushed through. These are problems that I would love to talk more in depth about and not just a crash course. I just don’t feel like I retained a lot of the information we talked about. I didn’t really know a lot about these topics going in. It just wasn’t something that interested me, but after taking the class, I wish I had more time and could go more in depth and more about how to solve these issues rather than just lightly touching the surface of them. I am eager to learn more and more about the problems that are going on in the world and things like climate change and how I could affect that and looking at the changes and that I, or anyone and big companies, need to make to keep our life on Earth as sustainable and enjoyable as possible for now and for future generations.

If we are not making these changes now, our kids are going to feel the exact same way we do. Where the weight of the world’s sustainability is on their generation, but why can’t we take steps now to improve it and give them a better chance? Change is made in small increments. If we continue at the rate we are at, our sustainability rate will continue to drop lower and lower. It may not be as drastic and as fast as Easter Island, but ultimately if we don’t start taking action, that will be our outcome, which is quite terrifying to think about. 

I truly have loved this class! It has helped me look at things from such a different point of view and I can’t wait to start applying these new ways of thinking to other aspects of life and other problems in the industry. I love learning new things and the class has opened my eyes to many new things that I never even would have thought was a problem and I’m so interested to hear everyone else’s thoughts on these problems and help guide others and be personally guided into a more sustainable way of living. 

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