A Lot Can Change In 8 Weeks

When I first started this course I really didn’t know what to expect and how this class would be something I needed to take for my major, but then I realized how it actually was a big part of my major. This class was one of my favorites that I had throughout  this semester. It was really eye opening and I learned many more things about how we can help the environment and what impact we have on it. As an interior design major it made me realize what things you need to be thinking about during projects and how your work might affect the environment. It is important to know what you are doing to make sure what goes into the project won’t leave a harmful effect on the environment. AFter hearing about everything in class and also through other students and the 11th hour movie, it made me change my mindset on a few things. Although I already knew about a lot of these things I learned even more and it went into depth about what I already knew and it was very interesting. Not only was the topic interesting, but overall the class was fun to engage in and enjoyable even if it was through zoom it still opened up many conversations. I was able to contribute my opinions and thoughts as well in breakout rooms. We discussed different possible ways to answer the questions that went along with the readings. I don’t think there is anything I would have said if i could, but the readings were also very interesting to read. We learned things about fossil fuels to fashion and then design. I think learning about both sides of the arguments for each topic was helpful as well to see what best way to see the solution on these topics. It was very insightful to understand how much of an impact things like fashion and buildings really have. Something that really made me think more about what is happening was the eastern island article we read. It’s crazy to think as fast as they brought it to life is as fast as they destroyed it. I think that we won’t actually start changing things here until we see it for ourselves what harm we are putting on the environment. It made me realize how fast things can change, even if it is possible I don’t think it will happen because many changes are being made already.

Working on the final project was actually fun and a great way to communicate with people in an online class. It was a struggle because it was online, but we made it work. The topic we chose was very intriguing and it made me enjoy it more that we got to choose what we did it over. It also led to many solutions to use in our field to help see a sustainable future. Some solutions that we found were things like, using products that are long lasting and reusable. We found many more with our group project and we were able to put it in our infographic. It also made me realize how difficult these solutions can actually be. It’s not as simple as it may seem and needs to be thought over carefully to find what exactly should be done in the situation you’re in because you never know what that could be.

After doing all of these assignments and learning about how to better the environment it made me realize what I can do and how to tell other people what ways they can do this too. It is good to be able to be aware of these kinds of things and then teach the people around you about the issues we are facing. Not only can I influence people now, but I can also influence other interior designers around me to be able to know we are using the most sustainable materials. I think something that really stuck with me in this class was starting off by making small changes. We can all contribute in helping the environment and it can be as simple as transportation and recycling. I realized right now we might not be able to make as big of a change as we want to, but eventually a lot of what is affecting the environment is the industry and eventually we will be a part of that. We will be able to have a say with what happens and be able to change things. Even if it is a lot of pressure it is important to at least start somewhere. It is not something that will just happen shortly overtime, but it is something we really need to think about as designers and how we can find solutions to these problems or how to fix them. Designers can make a huge change when it comes to this and it is important to participate in sustainable design. As a designer I would like to learn more about these things and what ways I can help. I learned a lot from it already and I want to continue to learn about what I need to do as I go along. 

Another thing we did in the class was to practice mindfulness and we did this by meditating, it was very relaxing and a way to have a break from things. It was helpful to do before we started going into what we talked about that day because it helped me be relaxed before class and helped me prepare better. This was something else I can take from this class and realize how important it can be when going through a stressful time. It wasn’t what I expected, but it ended up being a good thing. After everything in this class I think I can take a lot from this class and use it in the future. I want to make these changes even if it is challenging. I think we can all be able to make small changes that fit according to our lifestyle, if you can’t do one thing try alternatives to help the environment.

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