my sustainability journey

This week’s topic has really opened my eyes to many global and environmental issues that are happening in the world right now as we speak. I have always been one to care so much about our environment and always went the extra mile to participate in beach clean ups, donations, buying reusable bags, etc but it was not until the last year or so when I got more involved with watching the news and keeping up with our government plans that I realized I did not know enough and the extent what our world globally is going through. After I became so interested I begone doing my own researches and looking up recently posted articles by people all around the world that I could not find on the news. I was shocked with some of the things I read and I could not believe these stories and issued were not “news worthy” because to me, everyone should be hearing more about climate change, global warning and the things humans are doing that keeps damaging out earth. This week during our class we were paired into groups and asked to come up with something that we believed was a wicked problem and my group came up with its own and I figured a lot of groups would have some of the same answers, things that are the most talked about, for example, fast fashion, water pollution, air pollution, etc but after reading everyone else’s post, every topic was so different. Myself, who I have always saw to be very into helping the environment was not aware or educated on majority of some of the problems and issues my classmates wrote. And that really opened my eyes and I realized just how much more there was going on in the world that I had no idea about, getting to know some of my classmates and hearing their thoughts and what they are educated on made me realize that each student and each human are different in many ways and pay attention to different subjects that interest them. For instance I am a fashion major so the first wicked problem that came to mind when given that assignment was fast fashion, because that is what interest me and that is what I learned about the most in my classes. But other students with different majors and interest had different first responses than me and that made me realize that we are what we know by what we surrounded by and the type of learning environment that we are in. I like being in this type of class because it gives me insight on other people’s minds and thoughts and hearing from other students that are just like me talk about various and different problems that are going on in the world that should be talked about more educates me and others to be mindful of those issues and to spread awareness. I believe this class and other sustainability courses are important to universities. 

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