Sustainability & Collapsing Thoughts

    A big problem in the world today is in my opinion is waste production. I think that people tend to look over trash that’s on the ground and they don’t really think about how that could affect our environment. I always throw my trash away in the trash can. If I toss something towards the trash can, I always make sure it makes it in there. You never know where the trash will end up, because the wind and other weather conditions could carry it anywhere. It could get carried away to a water source, a home for animals, and even just a wild patch of flowers. Trash isn’t good for any of these areas and can be very harmful to animals, plants, and the cleanliness of our water that could be used for water in our water bottles. I also think that deforestation is a major issue in today’s times, because the population is growing immensely and more buildings are being built to accommodate the population. If I were a builder, I would try my best to work around trees and find a way to incorporate them into my architectural creation. Instead of talking them down and ruining a good source of oxygen and a home for different species, save it and let it be a focal point for the new area. I was able to share some of these points in my small groups, but unfortunately I didn’t share all of these points on the zoom call. I am very shy and don’t do the best with speaking in front of a larger group of people.

 I have thought a lot about collapsing societies and what we touched base over with the Easter Island story and I find it very interesting. There is such a big mystery about Easter Island and how it all went down. I started to think about today’s times and how much the coronavirus has impacted our society. We as American started to run out of resources, because everyone went into panic and went on a shopping frenzy scared that there wouldn’t be anything left. This resulted in having an extreme low amount of toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and certain foods nationwide. Grocery stores, fast food restaurants, and many other places shut down for long periods of time and some places only being open for certain odd hours during the day. This made it really difficult for the population to get some things that they needed. I kind of connected this to the Easter Island story, because they too were struggling to find a way to get more resources. When they were running out of everything, there wasn’t really a place to go to and get more resources. I always try my best to think outside of the box and maybe save things that could be reused one day. For instance, if I buy a jar of pickles it could be reused to hold small items in a cabinet for organizational purposes. When I was younger and we had turtles and we would get an over abundance of fresh fruits and veggies from our garden we would also feed the turtles or freeze the food for smoothies. Just little things like this and thinking outside the box I think could really help our society and environment as a whole. 

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