A New Understanding

Recent topics in class include The 11th Hour film and the Fall of Easter Island. I feel that I contributed more to the Easter Island topic in my group discussion because it was so fascinating to me. When we broke into the breakout rooms in zoom my group and I immediately started adding to the padelt with our theories about the demise of the island. I believe our first topic we named was the lack of food resources or resources in general. Without an abundance of fish and domesticated animals, food was sparse. WIth the lack of resources I believe it caused tension between the islanders leading to competition between clans for power. Due to the desire for power between the opposing clans they used the timber from the trees in multitude to move the statues they made that were a representation of status. I think due to high tensions and resources becoming more and more limited over time the war between clans was ultimately the reason for the island’s demise. Within our group we discussed the issue of deforestation as well. As all of these issues are problematic and contributed to the collapse of Easter Island we ultimately decided that the competition and war between the two clans snowballed into deforestation, lack of food, and eventually cannibalism.

I wish I would have contributed to the class discussion more and been more interactive, because I feel that by interacting I get a better understanding. I am a very visual learner and like to learn in person or have a hard copy of things, so classes online do intimidate me a bit. I also have a hard time speaking up for fear of being wrong, but speaking up even if I am wrong helps me learn the right answer and provides me with a better understanding of the topics discussed.

My knowledge about sustainability issues within our world is very limited because it isn’t something I research regularly. I have always heard about global warming and deforestation and pollution due to big factories, but I never researched it for myself until I watched the 11th hour film. I never realized the danger of these issues and how much they are impacting our world today. The issues that led to the collapse of Easter Island parallel to a lot of the same issues we are facing today in the modern world. Deforestation has been a big issue for many years and has pushed many animals to the point of extinction. The greed for power between clans is representational of the constant greed for power and money amongst world leaders, and even multimillion dollar corporations. Now that I have a better understanding of the real issues our world is facing, I am looking forward to being more aware of what is happening in our world and doing my research to make sure I do my part to help. Here’s to a new and better understanding of a sustainable future.

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