Become A Problem Solver and Solve Problems!

This course has been very fun to learn so far. I’ve had such a great time learning about my friends and being able to meet my new classmates for the last bit to the semester. I have also learned a lot about the different and rapid growing topics within our discussion groups. The hardest thing to really take in is that it’s all a very real dispute how sad it is. Like the melting of the poles due to climate change is saddening to me since polar bears are my favorite animal and that i very much love the animals that could live in very cold conditions. The deforestation of some areas around the world is continuing and the effects hurt wildlife the most. Even with our knowledge of the harm to the environment , people aren’t taking that fact into concise reactions and eventually we’ll have to pay the price. The 11th hour has such great points that are almost obvious but doesn’t seem crucial of a fact to even care about. The resources that we have are LIMITED and there should be alternatives that we should be converting to but sadly we aren’t. Just like Easter Island, the islanders had no idea the trouble they were going to run into because they were so occupied of the NOW instead of the future plan. It makes me feel disappointed to know how little we appreciate the many resources we have available. I’m sure the rest of my classmates also feel the same since our comments on the different in-class activities overlap. The breakout rooms really helped with brainstorming and focusing on the issue at hand. The different questions that we discussed over the Easter Island reading and homework allowed us to dig deeper into the topic of what could have happened and what should have happened. I liked specifically the “what were the lessons” because they were straight forward but not for islanders who didn’t expect such an unfortunate situation to occur. It’s the resources and how they used them that really became the downfall of the Island. I also believe in a great solution and I felt like they could’ve had a chance to survive. They just have to brainstorm a lot to really achieve a thriving civilization. That perspective of Easter Island has made me think about the world in general. The availability of what we have now in the world is limited so I wonder what our next move will be once that time comes of “running out”. Are we seeking alternative solutions or are we going to lose hope in the near future? It’s very scary to think about but we can only hope to act as soon as possible and not have to worry later at the most crucial time. It’s important to stay on top of things and it’s only the last hope when we realize how late it is to fix a certain problem when it comes near. We never know what could happen. 

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