Examining the Environment

This last week in class, I began to see the bigger picture of our environmental issues in America. After our discussions in class I began to see and understand just how much it affects our world. An issue I don’t think is brought up enough is our over all abuse on the environment. The world is beautiful, however we take advantage of it and all it has to offer. During our discussion, I brought up the fact that a lot of our environmental issues, not all, are old news. With the modern society we live in today news is spread much faster and becomes much more apparent in our lives. This is why many are under the illusion that some of these issues are just now occurring. An issue that we discussed in class that has become a major problem is climate change as well as water usage. I think my fellow classmates brought up some very valid points that gave me a new perspective on these issues. I left the discussion reflecting on the fact that a lot of the issues have been ignored by people for years, however they are just getting worse and worse. I do not necessarily have an experience involving these circumstances but I have definitely heard and read lots from the news as well as from social media that directly discusses these issues.

Last weeks topic I found to be very interesting as well as the article we read. I also really enjoyed how we connected the article with the film the 11th hour. I enjoyed discussing the similarities between the two such as the advantages we take against our environment. I think this directly affects my life because I feel I take advantage of the beauty of the world I live in. I wouldn’t necessarily say that I take advantage of our resources but I definitely become so focused on the busy parts of life that I often forget how beautiful our world really is. Ever since the pandemic, our society has taken a step away from our busy lifestyles to quarantine and we saw the direct affects of that on the environment. The water in Venice became clearer and the air in New York has become cleaner. I think my hope is that we see the way the world looks now as a clearer and cleaner environment that we can continue to keep it that way.

I definitely wish I could have brought up the fact that our environment looks different since the pandemic. I feel like it would have been a great topic to discuss and that we could’ve elaborated on it as a class. I enjoy these discussions a lot and I look forward to the next ones!!

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