Is One Person Enough?

The last week in class has really been an eye opener for me. I never fully understood the impact that we make on the world, and I definitely still don’t, but I have been enlightened. The 11th Hour kind of scared me and made me realize that something has to change… right now. This world has given us everything and more that we need to survive, but humans have just taken that for granted. We are now running out of resources and very quickly at that. As I have recently learned the definition of what a “wicked problem” actually is, I have realized that global warming and the state of our world is one of them. This problem, as important as it is, will never truly be able to be solved. This is due to many things such as conflicts of interests, politics, money, greed, consumerism, materialism, and just basic lack of knowledge. In discussion this week, I brought up the point that these problems will never truly be solved because the fact that our country is so divided. As much as the environment should not be considered a political issue, it very much is. Our country is run by leaders who have one thing in the back of their minds regarding issues: money. Oil companies are huge aspects when it comes to politics. They give very much money to the government and in return the government gives them very little regulation. This is an issue because our government should not have any interests in outside matters that could sway their decision making on issues. I also enjoyed reading the article on Easter Island and found it interesting when connecting the film to the article. In both the film and the reading, I noticed that we both take advantage of the resources we have. When thinking about this with my own life, I don’t think that I necessarily overuse resources, but I do take things for granted. I drive a car, live in a house with electricity, use non-recyclable packaging, and basically do not even think about the way that I live and how it effects the earth. It hurts me because I do not believe that I can change the way I live completely, but I could make some adjustments that would not affect me too much. I could cut out use of plastics and try to cut back on waste, I could try to carpool as much as possible, and I could try to cut back on energy, but is one person enough? I think about this constantly, I want to change my ways, but is just one person enough to change the cycle? 

I wish that I could bring a lot more to the table when it comes to discussions. I think that as time goes on and I become more comfortable with my peers I will feel more inclined to interject. I also believe that I am not very knowledgeable on many of the topics we discuss and that makes me not comfortable engaging in discussion, but as I learn more I will be ready. 

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