Is there a solution to every problem?

I’ll be honest, I haven’t yet contributed to the learning community yet, I haven’t found time nor have I found something to do yet. But this does not mean I don’t want to! I actually really hope to get connected with the Stillwater community! Anything from picking up trash, helping the elderly, or doing my part to stop deforestation. Well this wasn’t because I didn’t have the chance but because I was definitely worried, I was going to be wrong about it. I wanted to ask a few questions about the characteristics we went over and what examples some of them could be. Like about characteristic number six, could the oil spill have been an example of that? My group talked about some interesting perspective of things, something I said was how they should have expanded their resources when they expanded their population. Something they should have done at the beginning; they might not have gotten a whole lot farther but who knows. My peers in my group had a lot of good ideas about the tipping point being the resources, the resources are what really stopped them from continually growing like they had been. I wish I had just a little bit more time exploring the different characteristics, I wish I could have looked at more examples of each one. I mean for the most part I got the gist but just to clarify everything.

My major takeaways from last week’s topic, the collapse were really how downhill everything can go when you start thinking selfishly instead of together. Everyone in life is supposed to help each other with something, you can’t go through life with no ones help, it won’t ever work. When you start small, keep growing don’t ever stop just because you’ve finally reached your goal because one day other people might catch up to you, and instead of you being ahead you will be right there with all of them. Another concept that really stuck with me is how damaging humans can be to the only world they live on. Some people could care less how the world is going to be like in the next fifty years because they won’t be here. As we watched that movie from almost 14 years ago, its hard to say we’ve actually fixed anything. Almost every sustainable challenge in that movie, we’re still facing today. Pollution, food waste, Deforestation, these are all challenges that we still are working against. Ever since this pandemic and how school has mostly been online, I would like to think the use of paper has gotten better but I really couldn’t say. I really had no idea about all the problems were facing in the world, if you ask me what they were, I probably wouldn’t have said one thing on that list. It’s interesting to have knowledge about this stuff and to really get to an understanding about stuff that I will be living with for the next eighty years of my life.

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