Ma’am, what’s the issue?

I’ve always known there are a multitude of problems throughout the world, many of these problems which are very difficult to solve. As a child or young adult, it seems simple. World hunger? Give hungry people more food? Homelessness? Provide shelter? As you get older you realize that these problems have much more factors involved. There are so many more layers to solving such big issues. Specifically, social issues. Because society is created by people, we make up the rules. We decide what is expected and accepted. With millions and billions of people in the world, you cannot expect them to all agree on issues that are so subjective. Even social issues that some may think are universal, are not. Reviewing the 6 categories to a wicked problem have given me a different perspective on how to categorize different issues. Breaking the issue down in that way helps you understand it more simply. With massive issues such as the climate crisis, there are SO many factors to consider. There is not one cause of this issue, therefore there is not one consequence either. Many different factors created the climate crises we see today, which is another reason it is such a wicked problem. Thus, there are many different ways the climate crisis affects the world we live in today. Additionally, the climate crises became a social issue as well, because many people didn’t or don’t even believe it was or is an issue. Its funny how when a controversial idea becomes accepted, how ridiculous people looked arguing about it before. I’d say it is safe to say that almost everybody believes slavery is terrible, yet it is still happening in the world. Looking through American history books, it’s crazy to see that slavery was an issue that was ever debatable. Wicked Problems are confusing. I remember when Obama legalized same sex marriage. Looking back, it’s hard for me to imagine a world where that was ever something people had to fight for. History is also an interesting subject in regard to wicked problems, specifically change. I’ve studied Eastern Island a bit before, in regard to population. While the island was thriving, the population grew exponentially, and because there were not enough resources or regulation of population, the island could no longer serve the growing amount of people. This is a similar issue we are facing today that I believe a lot of people do not realize, the exponential growth in population is going to cause many issues in the future. By learning from events in history that have already happened, we can predict the outcome of some issues we are seeing today. When looking into American history BIG change happens with big pressure. People fight hard for what they believe in. Wicked Problems can be difficult to solve but look how far we have come. There is still so much more to go, and we will never live in a perfect world…. BUT if people in general acted with more compassion and mindfulness, truly chose to live by it, many wicked problems today would not be so wicked anymore.

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