The Failure to Act will Result in Permanent Harm

Many new and old problems are arising in the discussion in class I realized I myself didn’t know all the Global Issues or/ wicked problems that were happening in the world. The more people who don’t know about the more we end in catastrophe. Things like using too much oil or global warming or product waste never really been that interesting to me. When I watched the 11th Hour movie I’ve come to realize how much our earth is suffering. My Wicked Problems class really exposed me to how naive I was. Deforestation is an old problem that keeps rising throughout time. The waste of clothes builds significantly as retail become more popular. Everybody’s thinking about fast fashion and not focusing on sustainability. I also learned that many people aren’t agreeing on what to do so they just wait it out. World destruction is coming near if we don’t find a way to use less oil. The problem with using solar energy is that we would come up with more waste then actually saving it about it. Solutions have to continually adapted to many different situations. Habitat destruction is a new thing that is happening with us today, all we do is build and build not considering the earth and the trees. We as the people are too focused on the material things. Overpopulation Is a huge thing today. There are so may baby’s and people we try to build homes and while trying to build home we cut down trees it’s a cycle that we can’t break out of it. I as a 19-year-old college student I never took a second glance at the earth. High School or Middle School aren’t teaching the kids these problems it gets swept under the rug. Now as those kids get older, we have to face the consequences of past actions. This evidently will lead us to us destruction. Also, a lot of these big companies and pouring their waste into the ocean many other things but because they have money nobody talks about it. The use hush money to pay people not to talk bad about their company. They really need to add global environmental issues in school and collectively find a solution that can adapt to many problems. Solar could just be one step, but we need more than that to make it. We’ve reached the melting point in the artic which they said in the 11th Hour film if very educational on what is happening. This film could be showed in schools to tell the people know. Now that I know what is happening, I’m going to try and help save our earth. Instead of fighting about we should get more people and involved and fix it. I hope seeing this makes more people aware and I feel ashamed that I didn’t know anything about what was happening. Before it is too late, I going to do all, I can to learn and try to understand the wicked problem then final a plausible solution.

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