Wicked problems and good solutions

   Wicked problem are a popular problem in the whole world. Many countries suffering from this problem.  There are a lot of wicked problems we are facing around the world for example,  pollution, overfishing, lack of water and lack of food. In our class we have discussed about all of these. All of the solutions we have found will take long time to سخ the solutions we have found will take long time to solve them. People have to change their mind and think seriously about all of wicked problems. They are really have huge risk for people, animals, planets and air. Pollution can cause many diseases for people such as cancer and death. Each of our classmate discussed different problem but all of them are wicked. Wicked means that it is very hard to solve and it will take long time to be solved. We are giving some solutions and we hope that they can be apply as soon as possible. Air pollution is the most popular wicked problem in these days. Car fumes, cutting trees, sea rubbish and steamers smoke are main reasons for pollution and specifically air pollution. I am one of people who have asthma and I always feel tired and cannot breath well. Asthma is one of illness which is a result of solution. Lack of pure and clean water is what we are facing this time. This wicked problem is more popular in lakes and islands. According to the Easter island there is a lack of food also. People cannot live good without pure water and good source of food. Also, I have seen the 11th hour movie. It showed a lot of huge wicked problems and there are a lot of ideas. They said that more heat and climate change are problems and we are very late to solve all of the problems. Human mind and brain have to be changed to help the nature. Weather, climate , terable drought, climate change how fast it change how it could impact. Global warming, danger of temperature and chemicals effect could affect the nature in very bad way. When people build up they trap extra heat. We lose control of climate. There is a living system. We have to take car of condition of soils , ocean and water. We really should provide basics for all life. Air pollution has serious and risky impacts and asthma is one of them. There is no away not just asthma. People have to teach their child and future generation childhood behaviors. The community’s dead are most impacted by pollution. Food is becoming poised and the water became more unhealthy. Deforestation, cutting trees and destroy forest are produced many risks to the whole world and specifically nature. Public opinion, public policy and government have to understand everything about global warming. There is a harmony between people and nature. Nature has rights. We have not to rely on global economic system because economy will not set up for grow and displaces biosphere. Moreover, technology is playing a big role these days but we should not rely on it because technology will not do what the nature could do for us. In the past months in United States, air pollution increased and spread to multi states and areas, which affected  millions of people’s health. In the end, we have to protect our nature and try not to destroy it.

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