Beauty Stays With Those Who Want To See It Last

The world we live in today is home to amazing beauty and what seems like endless possibilities. Although all good things must come to the end. This doesn’t have to be true for the wonders that surround us if we take a second to take care and rebuild what we take away. These last few weeks in class we have scratched the surface on what some problems are and how we might be able to fix them in order to keep our home a place of prospering life. 

            After watching the film “The 11th Hour” I found it fascinating to see so much of our world was hurting. More often than not today, the news is very political which is great to an extent. Due to that we don’t hear about general information and how our plant is doing. “The 11th Hour” shed some light on the state of our planet and how we are over running it by living a life or luxury and ease with little care for possible repercussion’s. Our planet is supposably only able to truly support 1.5 billion off the sustainable resources we have. Whereas right now we have approximately 7.5 billion people on the planet. Just by doing the math we are roughly 6 billion over our plants ability to sustainably support life. With that being said we are fully capable of supporting the amount of people we have if we put in the effort to help our planet instead of expecting it to do everything for us. 

            A large problem in many areas of the world is deforestation. By definition deforestation is the action of clearing a wide area of trees. We use trees for many things such as paper goods fuels fires and other day to day items. In order to maintain the luxury we need to make sure we have a better system in place for re-growth. It takes a long time for a tree to grow into the proper size more or less for a forest to grow back. A couple of solutions I gathered from discussions and my own personal conclusions would be finding new materials that can do the same job. Such as bamboo which is a lighter wood and grows at a faster rate. We could also look into claiming larger portions of land as nation forest prevent people from cutting them down. This allows the public to enjoy the beauty of nature as well as hundreds of its inhabitants. On top of that there can be a strict ratio to the number of trees we are allowed to cut down to every new tree. 

            When it comes to energy, pollution and sustainability its import to explore all options in order to find the most effective and safe option for both consumers and the world around us. Tying back into deforestation, with a lower number of oxygens producing trees and rising carbon levels we are at risk of creating an unhealth balance of chemicals in our air. Instead of. Burning fuels, we can look at solar plants and wind energy. Yes, solar plants do take up a ton of real estate so an idea every home has a solar panel on its roof generating energy for that house. This is possible an eco-friendly approach while leaving land for the plant to go back to nature. 

Wind turbines are another option for generating energy. Especially states that are naturally windy and flat such as Kansas or Oklahoma. With everything there are negative side effects, birds often fly into the wind mills and they can be loud at times. Now these side effects seem to be less damaging in the long run but nature preserve activist could have an issue if the death rate on birds rapidly increases.  

            We call this beautiful planet home and I think everyone would agree they would like it to stay that way. There are many other problems we face today but if we take them on one at a time I think it’s possible to preserve our home and maybe even give back more than we take. 

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