Melanie Burdge

Blog Reflection 2

This week during class we discussed mindfulness and how it is important and how we or we should be using it every day. I noticed that sometimes I don’t realize I am using my mindfulness example when I gaze off during class, thinking about school and everything I have to do for the rest of the day and the rest of the week. I learned from hearing from my other classmates what mindfulness can also and it could be the little things like going on a walk or buying a plant or just simply taking time out of your day to breathe and relax, especially if you are in or going to be in a stressful situation. It is important to stop yourself and breathe through it. As students we tend to forget to do that a lot, we sweat the small stuff and become very overwelmed easily. Being mindful can also mean being mindful of others and their beliefs and values, it is important especially in this time of the world to be extra kind and to take in consideration of the other peers around you feelings and sympathize if not only what you could be going through but what they can be going through as well. In class I felt a lot of comfort hearing how my peers deal with their stress or what their default action is when they are stressed and it makes me feel less alone and also opens my eyes to realize although most classes are online and we don’t get to connect as much as we could before it does not mean we are alone. These types of excises like mindfulness, helps a lot with your mental health that you don’t even realize. Just listening and hearing to others and what they go through and how they cope can help you with your own type of coping whenever you may need it. It is important to always be connective with people especially in times like this. We have all become so used to the normal which is being alone, not doing many activities like before and isolated, that we forget the importance of being with people and really taking this time to not only connect with others more but to connect with yourself more. Being mindful of what you can do is so important right. Getting yourself in the right mental space by going to the gym, making your favorite coffee, reading a book instead of scrolling on social media all day, going for a walk, talk to your parents, getting yourself ready even if your not leaving the house that day, watching your favorite movie, all things that will put you in a better mind space for the week or the month ahead. This class discussion really opened my eyes to the things I should make a priority of more and that is being more mindful and always mentally checking in on yourself once in a while. 

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