Paradigms & Mindfulness

During our discussion in class we read different perspectives on globalization and how the authors wanted to find solutions. It was interesting but relevant to what we need for today. Paradigm is a collective mental mode made up of our values, beliefs, images, rules, meaning, and assumption. Before reading the discussion, I did not know what a paradigm was. Now I am more mindful of what it was and how people view it. A dominant social paradigm the NO author discussed was unlimited growth, the american dream, dominant over all living things. Consumerism is a cultural issue caused by globalization and it is perpetuated by this mindset. Benefits those with money and that there is a much bigger cost for our consumption. Emphasis on private ownership. Focusing on doing something forces people to help globalization.  The NO author makes the most sense because immediate action is necessary for a lot of the problems that lead to collapse. Although I did not read the NO section based on what my classmates said it is the settling option. The YES author said that people who own their own land will take better care of what they have, lowering environmental standards can lower polluting companies,  help with income growth, and free trade. It provides a license to pollute and needs to be regulated. Economic growth helps the environment and protects the resources. Environmental mess transfers overseas. Focusing more of the mortals of people. They think that people will eventually see how bad the world has come and fix it. The neuroscience perspective says change will call upon “ the innate instinct of human beings to protect and nurture life.”. Although  my group chose the NO author the Yes author was an optimistic point of view which was a nice thing to read. But the hard hit reality is that people choose not to believe that problems are happening. 

Learned about mindfulness, something I’ve never done in my life. Mindfulness is the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something. Mindfulness is just one of the practices for meditation.  Practicing mindfulness is breathing methods, guided imagery, and other things to relax the body and mind.  The ability to be present in the moment goes through a cycle of less unhappiness. It  helps reduce anxiety and depression. Teaches us how to respond to stress with awareness. Rather than acting on instinct we become more present in the moment. Depression, anxiety, and distress equal the tendency to overthink or ruminate/  worry plus the tendency to avoid, suppress, and push away. A big part of mindfulness is meditation or/ yoga. The feeling, surroundings, and sounds in the quiet peace. Meditation is a body and mind practice that helps increase overall health and well-being. There are many apps you could use to practice mindfulness. Being more aware of your surroundings helps build character and makes you focus on the world problems that are happening. A quote from Deepak Chopra says  “ people are really doing the best they can…… given their level of awareness.”.

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