Learning to Listen

My biggest takeaway from this week in Wicked Problems is the perspective that was provided that conflicts with my beliefs. I have never been one to argue. I often get frustrated and intimidated when speaking about topics I am passionate about. I sometimes feel like I do not have an opinion until I have done all of the research. I have learned from our in class discussions that this is not the truth. It is refreshing to be able to discuss these topics in class without feeling intimidated or frustrated. It has boosted my confidence and speaking skills. I have also gained a sense of compassion for wicked problems. Wicked problems affect so many and in completely different ways. Our class discussions and mindfulness exercises have taught me to listen to understand instead of listening to reply. 

Our reading and discussion were about globalization. The articles explained both sides of the argument. I read the article about globalization being bad for the environment and consumer culture being the fuel to the fire that will ultimately be the demise of the human race. I agreed with this perspective. It was refreshing to hear the other side of the argument. Although I do not agree that globalization is good, and neither did my classmates, it was interesting to hear what could be said to support it. Sometimes, I do not look into both sides of the argument and simplify it to my opinion being inherently “moral’ and the other side being “immoral.” This exercise broadened my understanding of wicked problems. I learned how to concede in an argument. Even though I may think one way, it is more important to me that I learn rather than that I am “correct.” 

I have been practicing breathing exercises since last year. I started doing it because I was very stressed out in college. It helped me gain peace and energy. Now, I take at least an hour out of every day to either journal, meditate, or be in nature. Journaling helps me realize what I have to be thankful for and helps me gather my thoughts in a healthy way. I have a problem with oversharing on the internet, so journaling is where I try to go first when I feel things I want to write out/share. I also like to start my day out by doing gratification journaling. Meditation helps me clear my mind. I have found that I can meditate easier in spaces that are indoor, like my bathtub. I have been meditating more because of the research I did on meditation for class. I am plagued by thoughts and most are not conducive to living a positive, productive life that I deserve. Through meditation I have taught myself to be less impulsive and more thoughtful in daily tasks. I like to go on walks about 2-3 times a day if I can. I am finding it a healthy alternative to being on my phone when I need a break from my responsibilities. It makes my body feel amazing and helps me clear my mind.

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