Mindfulness Practice — Learning to be STILL!

This week’s focus was on the very beneficial subject of mindfulness practice. I actually enjoyed and gained knowledge from this discussion more than I believed that I would. Mindfulness practice is simply not practiced enough, especially in today’s generation. I fully believe that we as people have the tendency to get caught up in the craziness of life and find it difficult to be still. Stillness is a tough yet rewarding place to be when you finally realize its full extent.

Our discussion on Tuesday spoke to me personally beyond measure. I am currently reading Jennie Allen’s; Get Out Of Your Head. Jennie’s focus is on training us as individuals how to control and essentially remove the spiraling toxic thoughts that run through our imagination on a daily basis. She is very clear on the fact that what consumes our mind will ultimately control our emotions and outward actions. Just as we discussed in class this week, your thoughts lead to your emotions. What I have been reminded of through reading this book and in class on Tuesday is that we have the choice to control our thoughts. We have full capability of our own emotions, thoughts, and actions. The only one who can control your thoughts is, YOU! This is why I believe and agree that Mindfulness practice is so important throughout a daily routine. Our minds are constantly spinning in circles, worrying about what is ahead and what is happening next. Personally, I am fully guilty of letting my thoughts take my mind captive. Through most situations in life I tend to let my negative thoughts completely take over my mind and this results to a negative mood or negative actions.

A specific chapter that stood out to me in Allen’s, Get Out Of Your Head was all about lies we believe about ourselves. It stuck out to me because I realized that I was in fact believing these lies and not holding to the truth that I know. The lies consisted of, I am not good enough, I do not have enough money, I am not as pretty as her and so on… We have to come to the realization that our mind is so beyond powerful and we are fully capable of taking control of our thoughts and actions. This is where Mindfulness Practice comes into play, it is so important to simply take a deep breath and learn to be STILL in the midst of the business. Taking five minutes out of your day to take some deep breaths or even take a short walk outside are ways that can help us slow down and be present in the moment. For me personally, mindfulness practice may be sitting by myself listening to some of my favorite songs, taking some time to dive into The Bible with my Savior, or going to workout. I believe it is so crucial for us all to find these practices that remind us of the stillness that is around even in the busiest moments of life.

I really enjoyed our discussion this week, as I was able to relate and very closely compare our talk to my own life right now. I will continue to use mindfulness thinking in my daily routine to remind myself of the beauty in life that is right here in front of me despite the business that my toxic thoughts create.

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