Just Keep Breathing, Just Keep Breathing

One of the interesting takeaways from this week’s topic was the discussion on paradigms. I’m attending a philosophy class that deals with the meaning of existence and the importance of reality, and we have briefly talked about paradigms in that class as well. Not too long ago. And even with an extra class with the same topic, I still am having a hard time understanding the term. It’s definitely difficult to understand at first but I believe to have a better understanding on the matter. Although I’m still trying to take everything in, this week was all about relaxing and being mindful. Very helpful for a stressful end of the semester, I can’t believe it went by so fast. With everything going on, I had no idea how much I just needed to take some time to breath. The mindfulness practice was very much needed. In high school, I practiced mindfulness in some of my classes but It never really stuck with me. Being mindful has always just been in the back of my mind but I’ve been doing it every single day even if I wasn’t aware of it all the time. There was a time that I took some time to reflect on my day. I always felt a bit disappointed when revisiting my day. It’s unsatisfying to know that I could have been more productive in my day and to appreciate the minutes I’m given within that day. As crazy fast  as this semester has gone by, I still feel unsatisfying with how I spent my time. The weeks have been simply passing week after week, the workload is heavily piling and my visits home has been helping me cope with stress. This class has shaped my thinking to a much bigger spectrum when thinking about large, wicked problems. I’ve always been thinking about the “bigger picture”. My process of thinking has, ever since I was young, expanded through time. My realization of reality and the saying “laissez faire”, which is french, means letting things be without interference. I’ve always just let things happen as they should. But with wicked problems such as sustainability issues that we have talked about in class, we can’t stand still anymore. We know that we are continuously taking resources and foolishly consuming important materials as they happen to be available now. But in the future, we may never know what to do once those resources are out and no other alternatives have taken place. It’s hard to keep living knowing that our actions are only going to cause our greatest despair in the future. This past week has everyone on the edge of their seat already. Election day was Tuesday, November 3rd. Voting is important to our country and to let out our voices in the best way possible only happens once every  few years. And having to deal with a national pandemic just takes the cake. The overwhelming chaos that is now our new “normal” may be mentally damaging to many people and cause a great amount of stress. I will take the time to reflect on my day and make sure that I am satisfied with the amount of productivity that I performed on that day, I will then do the same in the next.

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